18 Awesome K-Reaction Channels You Have to Check Out!

Want to see Koreans reacting and trying new things? (Photo: YouTube)

People love reacting to Korean culture and K-Pop on YouTube, but have you ever wondered how Koreans react to various topics and media?

We have gathered 18 Korean reaction channels you might want to subscribe to!

In no particular order, here are some of our favorites.

1. Solfa

Solfa is one of the original Korean reaction channels! They feature a mix of Korean guys and girls reacting and trying a HUGE variety of things. Their channel features reactions to American snacks, hit American music videos and hilarious challenges – like trying whiskey and Brazilian waxes.

2. Korean Star TV

Korean Star TV revolves around reactions to Asian and South East Asian pop culture – including topics such as Indian actresses, Malaysian pop-stars and Filipino talent competitions. There are even skits and makeup tips!

3. Chemycast

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Chemycast reveals what Koreans think about the latest viral music videos! Some of the things that their personalities have reacted to include PewDiePie, Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande.


Jay from JAYKEEOUT carries out hilarious and original social experiments in Korea – and also interviews Koreans to see what people think about polarizing issues like religion and the LGBT community.

5. Kream Kulture

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Kream Kulture boasts a huge reaction catalog that features almost everything you can imagine. A quick glance at their video list shows an eclectic combination of reactions to VR stuff, Kit-Kats, viral dance videos, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

6. Digitalsoju TV

This YouTube channel shows Korean girls reacting to American cuisine and culture for the first time. Find out what they think about American deep dish pizza, root beer floats and barbecue!

7. Korean Guy

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This Russian-centric Korean channel has Korean guys reacting to all things European. From Eurovision songs to Russian videos, this channel covers topics not typically focused on by other React channels.

8. TerrySong TV

TerrySong TV has bilingual Korean speakers reacting to all sorts of American viral content such as Nigahiga videos and the latest challenges. It also features videos that have Americans reacting to K-Pop!

9. One Ear Entertainment

One Ear Entertainment creates videos focused on exploring cross cultural relationships and relevant social topics in Korea. Some of the topics they have explored are what “foreigners think of dating Korean guys”, “cultural differences in relationships” and Koreans’ views on America’s party scene.

10. M.S.G.

This channel has a mix of guys and girls reacting to a huge variety of things ranging all the way from Hollywood to Bollywood! That’s right, their most popular videos are the ones based on Bollywood’s biggest celebrities and movie stars.

11. Joinourpartyy

Joinourpartyy’s channel has a bunch of Korean guys reacting to Asian music, even going far out of Korea’s borders to talk about Indonesian pop-stars and Malaysian rappers!

12. Heechulism

Heechulism’s got a channel filled with public interaction and pick up videos. They even sometimes take on more serious topics like asking the public what their opinion is on Islam and homosexuality.

13. Girls Reaction

Girl’s Reaction finds out what thoughts Korean girls have on the latest Hollywood trailers, ranging from Deadpool to Suicide Squad. The channel has also branched out into having Koreans take on quizzes and tests on film.

14. FineThankYou TV

FinkThankYou TV’s channel has reactions for everything under the sun – from dad bods and liquor, to Justin Bieber and American sex slang.

15. OPPA Reaction Song

OPPA Reaction features one guy reacting to Filipino stars! It looks like he had a joint reaction channel with his friend, but they broke it off and split up.

16. 미고TV

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미고TV stars a masked Korean guy and girl that film their reactions to popular Korean music videos, TV shows and live performances by Korea’s biggest artists and celebrities.

17. MoomooTV

MoomooTV is all about Korean guys and girls reacting to American pop culture and media. They are most well known for their videos featuring Korean men and women reacting to American stuff for the first time. Apart from their viral reaction videos they have also had reactions to Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna!

18. JKTV

JKTV have multiple channels and a big mix of content. They have teens tasting snacks, and guys reacting to 2 Girls 1 Cup. There are pranks, interviews and comedy too!

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