Look How Hot Cameron Dallas Looks Jumping out of an Airplane

Cameron Dallas smiling. (Photo: Aeropostale)

Cameron Dallas went skydiving with Bucket List Skydiving (near Los Angeles) to promote his new line of clothing in an ad for Aeropostale.

Nervous Cameron Dallas.
Cameron Dallas, not nervous at all. (Photo: Aeropostale)

“Right now, we have to go skydiving,” Cameron announces to his friends.

Hot Cameron Dallas with a friend.
Excited Cameron Dallas with a friend. (Photo: Aeropostale)

“You nervous?” they ask.

Cameron Dallas smiling.
Cameron Dallas smiles, excited to fly. (Photo: Aeropostale)

Of course, one does not simply leap out of an airplane without signing various death and injury waivers.

Cameron Dallas' legs.
Cameron Dallas signs waivers and documents on his legs. (Photo: Aeropostale)

The instructor checks out Cameron’s crotch as he buckles yet more straps.

Cameron Dallas' skydiving preparation.
Cameron Dallas gets strapped in for skydiving. (Photo: Aeropostale)

“Ready to go skydiving? Turn around,” the deadpan instructor commands as he pulls menacing black straps over Cameron’s body. “Remember, this whole thing was your idea.”

Happy Cameron Dallas in harness.
Harness-clad Cameron Dallas is super happy. (Photo: Aeropostale)

Cameron sniffs nervously. “Yup, ready,” he says as he gives a thumbs up to the camera, with another high five to the cameraman.

The propellers start whirling as the Vine star gives a last nervous look, while they board the tiny blue, red and white plane.

Update: Looks like they deleted the advertisement.

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The view is both terrifying and spectacular, as Cam takes it in from dangerous heights.

After flashing a final thumbs up, Cam lifts one leg out of the plane as the strapped-on instructor balances on a tiny spire.

There’s no turning back as they plunge backwards into oblivion and leap towards earth.

Cameron Dallas parachuting.
Cameron Dallas falls to earth in a parachute. (Photo: Aeropostale)

Cameron screams, “Yeahhhh!” He flashes another thumbs up as he reaches the ground.

Cameron Dallas lands on earth.
Cameron Dallas starts landing on the ground. (Photo: Aeropostale)

Cameron then delivers the brand messaging like a good spokesmodel, “Living in the now, I guess, the best way to live.”

Cameron Dallas with friends.
Cameron Dallas poses with friends under the airplane wing. (Photo: Aeropostale)

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