Maddie Welborn in Tears after Accidentally KILLING a Raccoon during a YouNow

Maddie Welborn got an unexpected surprise. (Photo: Instagram)

Don’t you just hate it when raccoons interrupt your live streams?

YouNower Maddie Welborn was brought to tears after she accidentally ran over a raccoon during a live-streamed road trip to Walmart.

Maddie Welborn Live-Streams a Trip to Walmart on YouNow

“Oh my god. Can y’all see me? Are we good? Are we live again? Hello? Hello? Can anyone see me? Alrighty then. Oh goodness gracious.”

She was then interrupted mid-sentence. “Did this all tweet out? I don’t even know if – OH!”


An audible thud was heard on the stream, as she gasped in shock.

Maddie Accidentally Runs Over a Raccoon, Is Brought to Tears

“I just hit a raccoon! Oh my god. I just hit a raccoon. Oh my god!” she exclaimed. “Oh my F****** GOD. Are you f****** kidding me right now?”


“I just hit a raccoon. Fuck! Okay. Oh my god. I just hit a raccoon. Oh my f****** god. I can’t believe I just did that. Okay. Okay.”

“We’re going to keep crying. I mean, we’re gonna keep driving. We’re not going to cry, we’re gonna keep driving. Oh my fuck.”

“I’ve NEVER hit anything before. Oh my god. I’ve never hit anything before.”

Maddie Defends Herself: “I Couldn’t Swerve!”

Fans started chastising her in the YouNow comments, so she defended herself. “I couldn’t swerve! There were people in the lane. FUCK! Oh my god.”

“I didn’t even see it. How the fuck did I not even see that? Fuck!”

Maddie Welborn with a cat.
Maddie Welborn with a cat. (Photo: Instagram)

She wasn’t entirely sure if the raccoon was 100% dead yet. “Oh my god, I hope it’s dead! I can’t see if it’s okay, holy fuck. I can’t. I hope it’s dead. Oh my god, I hope it’s dead.”

She said she was going to run over the raccoon again if it wasn’t dead. “Why do I hope it’s dead? Because I don’t want it sitting there suffering! If we come back and it’s sitting there, I have to run over it again. And I don’t want to do that. I do not want to f****** do that. I do not.”

“Okay, y’all, we’re gonna check on it on the way back. You can’t turn around on this road. Holy s***.”

Maddie and Ryan.
Pizza boy and pizza girl. (Photo: Instagram)

She told fans to stop commenting about the raccoon after she tried to change the subject. “Don’t talk about it! I’m really sad. I’m really, really depressed about this. I really am going to cry. Holy fuck.”

“Oh my god, I’m not even going to sleep tonight. Oh my god.”

“Okay, we’re going to Walmart. We’re going to stop talking about the raccoon for now, because I’m literally going to cry. And I don’t f****** want to do that.”

“Yes, I ran over a f****** raccoon! So emotional. Fuck. It probably died. I hope so.”

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