Madison Beer Parties With 34-Year-Old ‘Sex Addict’ Scott Disick

Does Scott Disick have eyes for Madison Beer? (Photo: Instagram)

Madison Beer, 18, was smiling ear-to-ear as photographers snapped photos of her with none other than self-professed “sex addict” Scott Disick.

Madison’s fans became very worried for her, and warned her to stay away from the 34-year-old. They were concerned that she was going to turn into “another Bella Thorne” – a tabloid fixture for all the wrong reasons.

Bad photo of Madison Beer.
Madison Beer is now a favorite of photographers thanks to the Daily Mail. (Photo: Instagram)

Madison Worries Her Fans After Hanging Out With Scott 2 Nights in a Row

Madison’s fans were disgusted on social media and were very disappointed. On the 10th, Madison was seen with Scott partying at 1 OAK NYC.

Madison and Scott.
Black-clad Madison marches with Scott in a bright hoodie. (Photo: Instagram)

The second night, Madison was with Scott at New York Fashion Week again.

Madison and Scott.
She’s so happy! Madison beams while cameras are all on her (and Scott). (Photo: Instagram)

They were especially concerned because of Scott’s bad reputation as a self-professed sex addict, bedding countless young women all around the world.

“Oh no, babe, what the hell are you doing? Bloody hell,” one devoted fan wrote.

Madison Beer with Scott.
No cameras please! Madison shields her eyes from the flashes with Scott. (Photo: Instagram)

“Please get away from that disgusting man,” another cautioned. “He’s bad. Don’t be another Bella Thorne.”

Scott Disick and Bella Thorne
Scott Disick & Bella Thorne match in red. (Photo: Instagram)

“How can any parent allow this?” one fan said. “He’s the biggest f****** in the world.”

“Just because they were seen together in a photo does not mean they had sex,” another said.

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