Marilyn Monroe Lookalike Trisha Paytas Sexes up Christmas Classic

Trisha Paytas channels Marilyn in Santa Baby. (Photo: YouTube)

Trisha Paytas has announced not one, not two, but FIVE new songs. This eagerly anticipated move is unsurprising, given her love of best friend Shane Dawson’s singles, and new friend Ricky Dillon’s new songs.

Her first single is one of her dad’s favorite songs – Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt, recently re-released by Ariana Grande.

In another vlog, Trisha demonstrates the process of recording her new single.

“I’m making five songs in total,” she teases fans, who are sure to come out in droves to catapult her up the iTunes charts. “Anyways, I’m going to record my Christmas song today! Oh my god!”

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“I’ve got my tea, and my voice warmed up, so I’m ready to go! I’ve even got my Santa sweater on,” she says, as she points to her uncharacteristically covered-up b******.

“I’m so excited, oh my god! Oh my GOD!”

She then reveals that the recording studio she’s visiting is across the street from Capitol Records – home to Katy Perry, and fellow YouTuber Troye Sivan. Is Trisha set to become the next Katy or Troye?

She gives a tour of the recording studio. “That’s the mattress to f*ck on,” she says as she points to a white mattress.

She includes a clip of her singing, where she seductively purrs into the microphone like a modern-day Marylin Monroe. A bitter hater notices this.

She makes it sexy.

How did fans react? The response was mixed. Many were not impressed.

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However, others were “living for it”, branding her the new “queen of pop”.

Queen of pop!
Living for it!

Are you going to buy Trisha’s sexy new tracks? Or would you rather pull out your hair? Comment below!

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