Was Meg Zelly’s Bruise Faked With Makeup Tricks? She Finally Responds

Would Meg Zelly really draw on a fake neck bruise using a makeup brush? (Photo: Instagram)

Jake Paul’s assistant Meg Zelly recently accused FaZe Banks of assaulting her during a night out, leaving a large bruise on her neck.

In case you don’t remember – Meg alleged that Banks held her in a choke-hold and pulled her backwards, causing a bruise. To prove this, she revealed a photo of her neck with a substantial mark on it.

However, many kept calling it a “fake” – and she was finally forced to provide evidence of its authenticity. Despite this, people still don’t believe her!

Meg Zelly.
Megan Zelly strikes a casual pose in light denim while browsing for groceries. (Photo: Instagram)

Fans Accuse Meg of Painting on a Fake Neck Bruise Using Makeup

For the last few days, fans have been accusing Meg of “faking” the bruising with makeup. Ever since Megan revealed her bruise in Jake Paul’s original video, fans have been calling it fake, with all sorts of conspiracy theories.

For example, some fans were confused why her bruise “sparkled” in direct lighting (GIF below), as if she used some kind of eyeshadow powder to create a dark neck mark.

Meg Zelly's bruising.
Do real bruises sparkle? Meg Zelly’s injury drew suspicion from haters. (Photo: YouTube)

Others claimed to be trained “doctors” and “nurses”, and questioned the timeline, appearance and coloration of her bruising. “It doesn’t immediately turn purple!” some interjected online. “Such a large bruised area would be painful and make it hard to move or twist.” Of course, bruising varies wildly from person to person, so internet diagnoses weren’t exactly the most accurate form of “evidence”.

No matter what the reason, fans were demanding that Megan prove definitively in some way that her skin injury was 100% real.

For example, Banks tweeted and asked her to “scrub her neck” to see if any makeup came off.

Banks & Ricegum.
FaZe Banks and Ricegum take an artistic photo in red, (Photo: Instagram)

Meg Zelly Finally Decides to Wipe Her Neck to Prove Her Bruising Is Real

Meg was spammed so aggressively that she decided to take Banks’ “wipe test” once and for all. She also disabled her Instagram comments for good measure.

A few days later, she tweeted out a short video of herself wiping her neck.

She brandished a packet of Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes (Exfoliating Peach and Willow Bark edition). According to the product description, the wipes remove makeup, oils and dirt and are suitable for normal-to-dry skin types.

Jake Paul's assistant's wipes.
Meg proudly reveals the brand of wipes she uses to remove her makeup. (Photo: Twitter)

She brushed the wipe against her neck, and then displayed the white wipe for the camera to see, in order to “prove” that no makeup came off.

Meg Zelly wiping neck.
Meg Zelly uses a wipe to gently exfoliate her neck area, revealing the results.

Despite this, many people still didn’t believe her!

People Are Still Calling Her a Liar

Many still were not convinced that her “video proof” was evidence. For example, Corinna Kopf accused her of using a “dry wipe” and not a moistened one. She suspected that the supposedly “fake bruise” was heavily sealed with setting spray.

She was not convinced at all. “You did not pull it out of the package!”

“It barely touched skin,” she wrote. Who do you believe?

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