Miranda Sings is Getting a Netflix Show!

Miranda Sings is going places. (Photo: YouTube)

“I have some VERY, very exciting news,” Miranda said in her latest video.

The video was titled “I’m Pregnant” – but it’s not what you think.

“Before you say, oh Miranda, you’re not even married. No, you perverts, I’m NOT doing the nasty.”

“But just like the Virgin Mary, God has blessed me with a gift. I have a baby. Taking care, nurturing, loving this baby.”

Miranda Sings.
Miranda Sings. (Photo: Instagram)

Miranda Reveals Her New Baby Is a Netflix Show

“This baby is my VERY OWN TV show on Netflix,” Miranda announced to fans.

She said that her Netflix Original Series will be titled “Haters Back Off”. “It’s gonna be so good. I thought I was going to do some charity work this year.”

“That’s why I wanted to help out Netflix. It’s a little website, I thought I could help them out. Get their feet off the ground.”

“They said I could do a TV show. So then they went and hired writers. They hired a whole team. Producers. Set designers. Casting directors. Costume designers.”

“It’s taking them MONTHS to do it. I can do all that really easy.”

“I hope you guys watch the show and love the show!” she said. She did not reveal any other details, like a date.

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