Mitch Moffit’s Boyfriend CRIES as He’s Evicted from Big Brother

Mitch Moffit was evicted from Big Brother Canada.

In case you weren’t aware, Mitchell “Mitch” Moffit from the educational YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE was cast on Big Brother Canada – and was just evicted this week.

According to social media, Mitch was one of the fan favorites and an original contender to win. He was negatively impacted after a producer twist.

Mitchell Moffit and his partner Gregory Brown have around 5-6 million subscribers on YouTube, and appear inseparable.

Mitch and Gregory.
Mitch and Gregory post on AsapSCIENCE and AsapTHOUGHT. (Photo: YouTube)

Gregory Brown Cries in the Audience as Mitch Moffit Is Eliminated

On the 42nd day, Mitch was evicted from the Big Brother house with a 5-3 vote, after an explosive week in which he tried to stir things up.

However, instead of heading straight home, Mitch became the first member of the jury, and will have to stay on the show until the finale to pick a winner.

Mitch on BBCA.
Mitch sits down for his post-eviction interview.

Gregory, who has been watching his partner on the show and the live feeds for weeks, was in the studio audience.

Gregory and Mitch: dating?
Gregory even watches his partner Mitch’s show while at work. (Photo: Instagram)

Before leaving the house, Mitch warned the housemates, “If one of the trio is still in the house, I’m voting for them! Get them out while you can.”

As he came out to rapturous cheers, the camera cut to his partner Gregory, who was smiling through tears.

Gregory Brown on Big Brother.
Still Smiling: Gregory puts on a brave face in the audience.

Gregory couldn’t keep it up for long, and started sobbing openly.

Gregory Brown & Mitch cry on BB.
Sobbing: Gregory Brown in tears.

Mitch told the interviewer that he tried to play both sides of the house, but it “bit him in the butt”.

Unfortunately, Mitch was unable to meet Gregory, as he was headed straight into the jury. Gregory went on Instagram and posted a cute throwback photo and captioned, “Lit with love.”

Mitch and Gregory.
Gregory posted this throwback photo with Mitch. (Photo: Instagram)

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