12-Year-Old Pewdiepie Fan Makes Headlines for a Hilarious Reason

Orley Fenelon made international news with his trolling. (Photo: Twitter)

A 12-year-old Australian Pewdiepie fan has hilariously made international news headlines for something Felix would definitely approve of.

The adorable Orley Fenelon, who says he is also a fan of Markiplier, Dan and Phil, Emma Blackery and Hannah Hart, got worldwide news coverage for this thing he did.

Orley Fenelon on TV.
On The News: Orley even managed to get on TV.

Orley still has a giant Pewdiepie quote up as his Twitter header.

Pewds twitter.
Pewdiepie, a wise man.

Orley Vandalizes Wikipedia & Makes Himself “Prime Minster”

Although people vandalize Wikipedia all the time, Brisbane schoolboy Orley Fenelon’s troll edit somehow managed to go super viral.

He went on Wikipedia, armed with the usernames “Orleyfpm” and “Orleyforprimeminister2017”, and decided to insert himself into Australian history by making himself the 30th prime minister.

Wikipedia edit.
New Prime Minster: Orley edited this section.

His edit was only caught two days later, when an Australian reporter posted about it on Twitter.

Despite his very short reign at the top, the Bernie Sanders supporter later told reporters that he was hopeful for a better future for Australian politics – which he called “personality driven” and “personal-interest driven”.

He said that he hoped young people would stand up and exercise their political voices, so that Australian politicians and policies would not be soured with old “traditional interests” that are out-of-place in modern society.

Orley Fenelon.
Orley takes a selfie for Facebook. (Photo: Facebook)

He specifically called out the issue of same-sex marriage in Australia. “Most people are like 72% in favor, but the [government] is catering to an older generation.”

His accounts were banned and the edits were revoked.

Orley Gets International News Coverage, Interviews & TV Spots

For some reason, his Wiki edit went international! He was interviewed by a ton of international publications, and even managed to get some TV airtime out of it.


From BBC to outlets in countries we can’t personally pronounce, Orley was there!


Great job, dude!

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