Patricia Bright Confirms She’s Pregnant, Got Plastic Surgery & New Teeth

Patricia Bright. (Photo: YouTube)

Patricia Bright spilled about everything in her latest video.

“I feel that it’s ABOUT TIME I got real with all of you,” Patricia announced on YouTube in a low-key video.

“I feel sometimes it’s kind of hard to be real on YouTube because people can be a bit critical now. I used to be very frank and very honest. This one’s going to be a bit of a rollercoaster.”

Patricia Bright in white lace.
Patricia Bright in white lace. (Photo: Instagram)

Patricia Talks About Her Secret Plastic Surgery

Although she talked about her new augmentation on Instagram, her YouTube viewers were still in the dark. “If you don’t know, I have not made a clear statement about cosmetic surgery [on YouTube].”

“I had a breast augmentation. I feel like this caused a bit of a ruckus. A lot of people were quite hurt that I had it. I don’t understand why someone else would be hurt by a decision I made about myself.”

Patricia Bright breasts.
Patricia Bright in a bikini. (Photo: Instagram)

“Some thought it was hypocritical because I always talk about self-love and confidence. I don’t think cosmetic surgery changes that in the slightest. People were disappointed. I covered them up. Now I’m going to rock it. I did a lot of research beforehand. I’m not an advocate for it. So I’m not going to do a video.”

Patricia Reveals Why She Has Perfect Teeth

“My teeth and my new smile! I keep saying I have Invisalign, but I don’t actually have it. It’s a brand. I just have clear braces. A clear retainer. It slowly moves your teeth. I had a gap before and a wonky tooth. I actually quite liked my gap. I wanted to fix the wonky tooth.”

Patricia Bright with husband Mike.
Patricia and Mike. (Photo: Instagram(

“That one wonky tooth has been bothering me so much for ages. It has taken ages, but I have not been consistent. It can be quite painful. It is quite pricey.”

Patricia Announces Baby News

“My next really big announcement – which you guys have probably noticed now – is that I am PREGNANT!”

“Yes, I am going to be having a baby. I am extremely, extremely excited and happy about it. I also knew that I did not want to make a big thing on the internet about having a baby. As soon as I found out – I get so emotional thinking about it. I felt instantly that this was going to be an extremely private thing for me. My family, my husband, my home is the most important thing to me. I do vlog, but I do not vlog everything.”

Patricia Bright in red.
Patricia Bright in red. (Photo: Instagram)

“I wanted this moment to be about my baby, my husband, my home. I feel like having a camera all the time, takes away from moments.”

“During this pregnancy, I did not want to take away from these honest feelings. Time is something you can never get back.”

Patricia Bright.
Patricia Bright on blue. (Photo: Instagram)

“People have been referring to me as pregnant ever since I got married. As soon as there’s a picture of me that looks slightly bloated, too! It can be quite rude! If you refer to someone as looking pregnant even if they’re not.”

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