Pewdiepie’s Landlord Thought He Was Doing Gay Stuff & Evicted Him

Pewdiepie was caught in some drama recently. (Photo: Instagram)

Multi-millionaire Felix Kjellberg was recently evicted from his Brighton home after a noisy clash with his homophobic landlord.

Pewdiepie and his filming buddy were attacked with homophobic slurs after the landlord thought they were having an evening of passionate (and very loud) gay sex.

Pewdiepie looking questionable. (Photo: Instagram)

Felix Kjellberg Says His Landlord Thought He Was Having Noisy, Gay Fun

Pewdiepie told fans that the room / office he typically films in has been professionally sound-proofed. “So the neighbors don’t complain about it,” he revealed.

Pewdiepie was evicted.
Pewdiepie shows fans his eviction notice.

However, there are some occasions in which he films in the main room, as some videos require extra space and movement.

He said that he only films there during the day for a maximum of one hour. However, that room is not sound-proofed.

Pewdiepie with boxes.
Pewdiepie shows the room he was recording in.

Pewdiepie then edited in footage of his clash with the landlord on April 21, 2016 – who can be heard telling the duo to keep the noise down at around 4-6 PM.

There was a loud fight with the landlord.
There was a loud fight with the landlord.

“You make lots of noises,” the man said. The landlord then proceeded to drop a homophobic slur. “Faggots are doing…”

On Twitter, Felix told fans that the landlord mistakenly thought he was having some LOUD gay action with his friend, when he was simply filming a video.


The situation got tense, as f-bombs were thrown around with some door-slamming. “F****** p****!”

The next day, Felix got a notice saying that he was being evicted on June 29 for “disturbing the peace”.

Pewdiepie was evicted.
Pewdiepie shows fans his eviction notice.

“Don’t be a prejudiced piece of s***,” Felix raged. “I could BUY this house. I do not f****** need you.”

Pewdiepie Explains Why He Won’t Fight the Eviction

Pewdiepie revealed on Twitter that he was originally going to fight the eviction. However, he said that he wanted nothing to do with the landlord ever again.


Jacksepticeye got Felix to reveal that his agency didn’t even respond when he sent them the shocking footage.


Pewdiepie joked that he was definitely qualified for gay adult soundbites.


Pewdiepie Debuts His New Space

“It’s really easy for us to move,” Felix said. He showed fans his new office, and gave them a tour in his video.

Felix's new apartment.
New place! Felix says he loves his new setup. (Photo: Instagram)

He recently showed off his new desktop situation, too.

Pewdiepie gives a mini tour of his new place.

Looks like everything worked out for the best!

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