Howard Stern Lashes at Pewds: “I Have NEVER Heard of Pewdiepie!”

Howard Stern doesn't believe Pewdiepie exists. (Photo: Instagram)

“I have never heard of Pewdiepie. People have heard of Howard Stern,” Sirius XM personality and America’s Got Talent judge Howard Stern announced on his show.

Why was he talking about Pewdiepie in the first place? A guest brought up that a person named “Pewdiepie” was making millions online, and Howard did not believe it.

Howard had the exact same reaction many commenters online had when it was revealed that Pewdiepie made over 7 million last year.

Howard Stern Questions the Existence of Pewdiepie: “I Don’t Believe It..Don’t Believe It”

“How much money is Cutiepie making?” Howard asked. “7.8 million dollars a year,” was the reply.

“Pewdiepie is making 7.8 million dollars a year? Who is Pewdiepie? Has anyone here ever heard of Pewdiepie? I don’t know Pewdiepie,” a shocked Howard exclaimed.

Howard laughed off the claim. “Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie making 8 million? Yeah. Okay. Has anyone here ever heard of Pewdiepie?

“I don’t believe it,” Howard said about Pewdiepie’s income. “I don’t believe it! Don’t believe it. Don’t f****** believe it. Sorry! Don’t believe it! Show it to me!”

Pewdiepie, Felix.
Felix is a man with many talents. (Photo: Instagram)

“I’m a broadcaster. I’ve never heard of Pewdiepie. F*****’ Pewdiepie.”

He compared Felix’s income to traditional broadcast salaries. “There’s regular broadcasters that ain’t making 8 million. But Pewdiepie is making 8 million? Good lord.”

Howard repeatedly mentioned that traditional broadcasting was the way to go. “If you really want to make a living, you have to go out and get a mass audience. Why is that such a f****** tough concept?”

“Don’t blame me. It’s in the facts. I’ve never heard of Pewdiepie. People have heard of Howard Stern.”

Felix and Marzia attend a wedding.
Felix and Marzia attend a wedding. (Photo: Instagram)

Howard also wasn’t sure how YouTubers made money, and insisted YouTube was taking it all. “But WHO is making money? YouTube is making money! YouTube is making the money.”

Howard Stern Admits Defeat, Accepts the Existence of Pewdiepie: “Okay! I’m Wrong!”

After a lot of arguing and some Googling, Howard finally admitted that Pewdiepie exists.

“Pewdiepie has 38 million YouTube subscribers. Now THAT is pretty impressive.”

“Okay. I’m wrong! Please get off my back. Just go do a f****** podcast and you too can be Pewdiepie. What’s this? I’ve just been handed a note. Pewdiepie just bought this company,” he joked.

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