Pewdiepie Begs Fans: Stop Flagging My Videos!

Pewdiepie is not happy with his fans. (Photo: Instagram)

Pewdiepie has hilariously lashed out at his own fans on YouTube for something they keep doing.

Because Pewdiepie’s videos are often over-the-top, with graphic or sexual elements, fans often use the Report button to flag his videos – and he’s really sick of it!

Pewdiepie gives ducklips to the paps. (Photo: Instagram)

Pewdiepie Rages at Fans: “You Are All P******!”

Felix Kjellberg begged fans to stop reporting his videos for being inappropriate. “I know you all are going to f****** flag this f****** video like you always do! I am sick and tired of this f*****’ s***. Can y’all stop flagging my f****** videos?”

“My fanbase is basically a bunch of p******,” he joked. “Oh! This video had blood in it! It had nipples in it! Oooooh! It’s a little too sexual! I bet you flagged this video already because you’re triggered by my glasses! You are all a bunch of wimps!”

Do these glasses trigger you? Pewdiepie is mad. (Photo: Instagram)

He warned fans to click away before they watched the rest of the video, because the rest of the video had graphic scenes. “Click the fuck away!”

Sexy Pewdiepie pose.
Pewdiepie grabs his buttocks. (Photo: Instagram)

“I do not make any money if you flag the video!” the multi-millionaire told fans. “Do you think I do this for free? For fun? Am I a charity? Fuck you!”

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