Pewdiepie Made Fun of Pranksters & Now Their Fans Are Super Mad

Pewdiepie has angered the fans of famous pranksters. (Photo: YouTube)

Pewdiepie’s satirical video from his YouTube Highschool series appears to have hit too close to home, for some prank fans.

The video, titled It’s Just a Prank Bro, took on various hot topics in the pranking community.

From pranksters eschewing responsibility for violence, to “in the hood” pranks, and pranksters using their girlfriends for views – almost nothing was spared.

Pewdiepie Takes Aim at the Pranking Community

In the video, Pewdiepie’s prankster character clutches a “c*** board”, wears a “c*** hat” – and teaches a potato, Bro-tato, how to “get views” as a prankster.

Bro-tato accidentally kills an old lady for “personal views and gains”, and Pewdiepie’s character brushes it off with, “Just a prank, bro! It’s comedy, it’s f****** funny. That’s why it’s okay.”

Pewds also sets fire to Bro-tato’s house “in the ghetto” because “poor people react more”. He repeats, “Just a prank, bro!”

Pewdiepie YouTube High School.
Pewdiepie sets fire to Bro-tato’s house as a prank. (Photo: YouTube)

By the way, people have actually set homeless people on fire.

Pewdiepie also had a line that referenced pranksters in glasses, hats and Lamborghinis. Sounds familiar.

Vitaly and Roman Atwood with cars.
Vitaly and Roman posing with Lamborghinis. (Photo: Instagram)

There was also a segment where Pewdiepie pooped on Nicole Arbour’s b****.

Pewdiepie poops on b**** in the video. (Photo: YouTube)

However, it was the end of the video that got fans riled up – where actual pranksters were named and shamed.

He scrolled through a bunch of real prank videos, and featured everyone from FouseyTUBE to JinkiesTV.

He also specifically highlighted BFvsGF, Roman Atwood, and about 9 other YouTubers for “putting their girlfriend’s b****” in thumbnails for views.


Angry Prank Fans React

Fans of the highlighted YouTubers did not take his comedic video very well. “Fuck you! Eat a bag of d***!”


Roman Atwood fans were the angriest, by far. “His pranks and vlogs do better and ARE better than your s*** gaming videos.”


Some wished death on him.


One fan called him a hypocrite, and accused him of also engaging in click-bait tactics.


Pewdiepie fans weren’t very offended, and defended him. “Prank video guys are HUGE A******* and lame a** fakers.”


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