Ricky Dillon Comes out as Possibly ASEXUAL, Is Still Unsure!

Ricky Dillon has come out with a big secret. (Photo: Instagram)

Ricky Dillon has revealed that he has ZERO sexual attraction to both men or women. “I need to share something with you guys. I need to open up.”

Ricky said that he was pretty anxious about releasing this particular video. “I practically changed my mind like a million times.”

Ricky Dillon and Kian Lawley.
Ricky Dillon with one of the few straight people in O2L, Kian Lawley. (Photo: Instagram)

Ricky Dillon Thinks He’s Asexual: “I Don’t Want Girls, Guys, Love or Sex”

Ricky said that he did not want to make an “emotional and dramatic” video. “It is really not.”

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While he considers the video to be a “coming out” video of sorts, he feels uncomfortable using that term for this particular situation.

Ricky tells fans that he “doesn’t know what he is”, and that his sexuality does not fit into the categories of “gay” or “straight”. “I am… none of the above. I’m not anything. Sounds crazy?”

He says that he feels that he is the closest to being “asexual”, but is still not completely comfortable using the term since he does not want to label himself. “I never said it out loud before… I closely relate to that word.”

Ricky Dillon and Jennxpenn.
Ricky Dillon plants a kiss on fellow blonde Jenn McAllister. (Photo: Instagram)

“But I do NOT know if I fully am,” Ricky explained. “I am not sexually attracted to anybody. When I look at guys and girls, I don’t feel a sexual attraction. I have no sex drive. I thought something was wrong with me. I might have a hormonal imbalance. Something is up. I’m not a freak. I do not crave love, sex, marriage or relationships. I love being alone.”

“I am not turned on by a naked human body. NOTHING turns me on.”

Ricky Reveals He Has Had Girlfriends & Boyfriends, But…

Ricky admitted that he has had girlfriends in the past. “I feel like I have had eight. I feel like. Like in middle school, college and high school.”

However, he wasn’t exactly attracted to them in a sexual way. “It was more of a societal peer-pressure thing.” He said that he grew up in a conservative area where he was expected to date girls and marry them.

“I felt a pressure to be normal,” he said. While he has had “crushes”, he now thinks it was more about their personality than anything else. “I don’t want to fall in love or have sex with them. I like being in their company.”

Ricky Dillon shirtless.
Ricky Dillon takes a shirtless selfie for fans. (Photo: Instagram)

He struggled with intimacy, since he had no drive to kiss them. “I’d kiss them, but it never felt right. Hated it. I felt liked I had to.” His relationships ended because of the lack of intimacy.

“I do not have any attraction to guys, but I have had a boyfriend,” Ricky admitted. “It was a few years ago in college.” He said that he did not want to reveal their name, but wanted to do an ex-boyfriend tag in the future. “I felt close and liked having someone to talk to,” he said.

However, he cracked when he was expected to put out. “I don’t like love. I don’t like sex.”

Why Did Ricky Dillon Not “Come Out” Sooner?

Ricky said that the primary reason why he postponed making this “coming out” video was because he was worried that fans were not going to understand. “It’s very uncommon. It’s pretty rare and not really talked about. If I knew what I was, I would have come out ages ago.”

Ricky Dillon is not gay.
Ricky Dillon meets a blonde Colton Haynes at an event. (Photo: Instagram)

He said that he does not ever think about his sexuality during his day-to-day experiences. “Doesn’t define me.”

Ricky Asks Fans to Stop Leaving Comments Calling Him Gay

Ricky is a YouTuber who is constantly barraged with “gay” comments on social media. Fans and haters constantly post an endless stream of “he’s so gay” and “why is he in the closet” type comments and never stop.

Ricky said that while the commenters don’t exactly upset or anger him, he said that he was not making the video to kowtow to their demands. “I’m about being who you are and embracing yourself.”

Ricky Dillon and Shane Dawson.
Ricky Dillon and his close friend Shane Dawson have fun. (Photo: Instagram)

He begged fans to stop leaving those types of comments that link his flamboyant personality to his sexuality. “I was not hiding it from you.”

While Ricky says he is still learning about who he really is, he revealed that things could change. “This could change in a couple of years,” Ricky said. “I could fall in love with somebody for real.”

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