Ricky Dillon Mocked by Fans for ‘Cringe-Worthy’ Auto-Tuned Singing in New Single ‘Ignite’

Some fans are not happy with Ricky Dillon's singing. (Photo: YouTube)

Poor Ricky Dillon is receiving hate (again) for his latest pop single. The last time Ricky released a music video, fans brutally told him he couldn’t dance.

Ricky listened – and did not include a choreographed dance break this time around.

However, some fans still aren’t happy, and decided to take aim at his singing ability – accusing him of “making a mockery” out of “real singers”.

Fans Accuse Ricky of Making a Mockery of the Singing Profession

Like his previous music video, some fans weren’t very kind. As usual, he got abuse for his lisp and mannerisms.

One of the top comments said, “Ricky knows he can’t sing…his live performances of Ordinary are so cringe-worthy. It’s terrible. It’s not fair that just because he is popular YouTuber he can just be a S**TTY a** singer, make cool music videos and travel. It’s making a mockery of true singers.”

Ricky knows he can't sing

This fan is referring to Ricky’s live vocal performances, like the one below, which have mostly been poorly received.

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This is BS!

Many urged him to “stay in his lane” as a YouTuber instead of trying to become a professional singer.

Get out of the business
Trevor can sing

Not everyone was offended by his singing. His friend Thatsojack said, “This is incredible!”

Thatsojack comments

Another top comment said, “F**K the people who are complaing about another YouTuber trying to have a music career. No one has the right to tell you to stop what you want to do. Moany a** b**ches these days.”

No right to tell you what to do!

Many told the haters to “shut the f**k up”

Shut eff up!

Why is Ricky Dillon Releasing Music, Anyway?

A few months ago, Ricky did a segment on HLN, and the presenter asked him how he got into music.

“Well, actually, I have been playing the trumpet for ten years. I was in band, starting when I was in 11, I think. So I have always done music my whole life,” Ricky explains.

“In the past year, I have pursued singing, in January [2014].”

Ricky Dillon looking sad.
Ricky Dillon looking sad. (Photo: YouTube)

What Does Ricky Dillon Think of People That Trashed His Dancing in His Last Video?

The HLN host then asks him how he dealt with the nasty comments criticizing his dancing on his “Nobody” music video.

“I’m definitely not a dancer, I just wanted to do a choreographed dance scene. I have never really danced before…I am not the best dancer. I know it wasn’t the best. I do appreciate the feedback I got.”

In fact, the Nobody video was so poorly received that Ricky even had to step in and comment on the video itself.

Ricky Dillon's message

What do you think of YouTubers branching out? They’re writing books, singing, starring and directing in movies, interviewing Obama and more. Should they stay in their lane?

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