Ricky Dillon Got a New Tattoo & It’s for the Perfect Reason

Ricky Dillon has fun with the camera. (Photo: Getty)

Ricky Dillon recently went to tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste and asked for some brand new ink.

“I am about to get two tattoos, combined into one. This isn’t a random thing. I have wanted it for over two years now.”

“I am freaking out. If I faint, just keep filming. I feel so exposed. I am probably going to start sweating. What if I flinch, and you scrape across my side? I feel like such a wimp!”

Ricky Dillon.
Ricky Dillon strikes a pose. (Photo: YouTube)

“We go way back. I have known Romeo for a LONG time. He has done Sam, Kian, JC, Tyler. He has done a lot of my friends. I wouldn’t trust anyone else for this.”

Ricky Dillon.
Ricky Dillon prepares for his new inking. (Photo: Instagram)

Ricky Dillon Explains the Meaning Behind His New Tattoo(s)

“For the first one, it’s a YouTube play button. But I didn’t want just the basic thing. Let’s make it like, sketchy looking. Like artsy.”

Ricky's tattoo.
A closeup of Ricky’s tattoo. (Photo: YouTube)

“The reason why, is because the biggest thing I have ever done in my life is YouTube. It represents the coolest thing in my life, and what I am passionate about.”

New ink from Ricky.
Ricky Dillon shows off his new ink. (Photo: YouTube)

“Even if I quit tomorrow, it still represents a big part of my life. Even when I am 70 and someone asks what that is, I can tell them all about the cool things I have done with YouTube.”

“The other thing, are the tally marks that Sam, Kian and JC have, representing O2L. The same kind of thing with the play button. Even though O2L is over, it was a huge part of my life. It jump started my career. We all share a bond.”

“They are my brothers, my family. Again, a big part of me.”

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