‘Sad’ Demi Lovato Mocked for Performing amongst Viners & YouTubers at DigiFest

Is it a career downgrade for Demi Lovato to perform at DigiFest? (Photo: Twitter)

“She can do better,” some distraught Lovatics tweeted last week after it was announced that Demi Lovato is set to headline DigiFest NYC.

For a mere $35, you can witness Demi Lovato follow in the footsteps of chart-averse singers like Rebecca Black and Trevor Moran, on June 6 at New York’s CitiField.

As Demi is able to hold sold-out worldwide arena tours – many fans are wondering if her latest career choice is damaging to her brand.

DigiFest Announces Demi Lovato Will Headline DigiFest NYC on June 6

For just $35 for a general admission “Bronze” ticket, you will be able to enjoy a host of Viners and YouTubers (and Demi Lovato) during the event.

In fact, the majority of VIP meet-and-greet tickets are already sold out.

Demi Lovato at DigiFest.

DigiFest primarily consists of meet-and-greets, and various types of “performances” – which usually include anything from rapping, to challenges and tags.

Who Else Will Demi Lovato Be Performing With?

Although Demi is the headliner, other headliners include Trevor Moran, Aaron Carpenter, Lohanthony, Sam Pottorff, Rickey Thompson and Dylan Dauzat – shown below.

DigiFest performers.
Some of the stars she’ll be joining in NYC. (Photo: DigiFest)

Fans React to the Announcement

“She’s so much better than that. How sad OMFG,” a fan tweeted.

Why tho.

For some reason, there was some drama with Fifth Harmony’s Harmonizers.

Being on Disney.

Others wondered if Demi was being blackmailed into appearing.


Many thought it was a career downgrade.

Deleted your career.
How sad!
Career ending!
For viners.
So sad.
Arenas to DigiFest.
Love herself!
Sold out.
On that level.

It was not all bad, though. Many defended her, claiming it’s a shrewd business move – and that it’s only for one day.

Demi Does Not Look Down On Viners & YouTubers

In fact, Demi clearly does not look down on Viners and YouTubers – or lesser-known artists. She regularly invites them to her shows, and promotes them.

Demi even managed to forgive YouTuber Lohanthony after she found out he previously mocked her weight and mental health.

Demi Lovato with Lohanthony and Thatsojack.

What do you think?

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