Did Sam Pepper Just QUIT YouTube & ALL Social Media?

Sam Pepper: Is he trolling the internet again? (Photo: Instagram)

Hey, look. Sam Pepper is trending worldwide on Twitter yet again!

Around an hour ago, Sam Pepper decided to empty his entire YouTube channel – and all his other social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter.

He left behind a simple and disturbing message on all his accounts. “I give up,” he wrote. This prompted his fans to worry about him being suicidal.

Is Sam Pepper pranking and trolling the internet (again) – or is he actually serious?

Sam Pepper and BB.
Sam Pepper hangs out with an old friend. (Photo: Getty)

Sam Pepper Supposedly “Quits” YouTube, Instagram, Twitter & Social Media

Fans noticed that Sam hid every single one of his YouTube videos.

Sam Pepper on YouTube.
Sam Pepper’s YouTube channel was emptied.

He even posted a blank video titled “I give up”.

Sam Pepper's blank video.
Sam Pepper posted a blank video.

Sam also decided to change his display picture / avatar to a black graphic on ALL his social media accounts. He also deleted the tweets on his Twitter account.

Sam Pepper's Twitter.
Sam Pepper Blackout: He also deleted his tweets except for one.

He posted ONE foreboding tweet. He simply said, “I give up!”


His Instagram account was also changed. He deleted all his photos there as well.

Sam Pepper's Insta.
Sam Pepper’s Instagram account was also emptied out.

Is Sam Pepper Really Quitting YouTube & Social Media? Is It a Prank?

Nobody actually knows if Sam is pulling another attention-grabbing prank.

However, some people thought he was being serious, and comforted him. “Do not let the negativity bring you down! I hope you’re okay,” one fan wrote.


Others were scared that Sam was contemplating suicide. “Is he going to kill himself?”


Some other people did not really care. “See you in hell.”


Fellow YouTuber Evan Edinger questioned whether Sam was setting up for another prank or “social experiment”.


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