She Said YES! Sam Pottorff & Rosa Van Iterson Are ENGAGED!

Sam Pottorff will be marrying his girlfriend Rosa! (Photo: YouTube)

Ex-O2L star Sam Pottorff, 20, threw fans for a loop when he announced that his actress girlfriend Rosa van Iterson was now his fiancée!

After just six months of dating, the smitten couple (and best friends) are ready to settle down!

Rosa and Sam Pottorff.
Rosa takes a ride on future husband Sam’s back. (Photo: Instagram)

Sam Pottorff Announces He’s Engaged to Girlfriend / Fiancée Rosa!

Sam posted a video bluntly titled I Got Engaged, which sounded like your typical YouTube clickbait video. However, he quickly confirmed that he actually got engaged!

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Sam said that most people they have told so far have been supportive of their decision. Unfortunately, some of the other people they told weren’t too happy. “They thought we were too young,” Sam said. “Isn’t it fast?”

Sam and Rosa.
Sam and Rosa take a cute photo in grays. (Photo: Instagram)

But those people don’t bother Rosa and Sam. “They don’t understand,” Rosa said. “I know I am never going to find somebody else that is as perfect as you are!”

Sam Reveals He Bought Rosa a Budget Engagement Ring off Etsy

Rosa confirmed that she was not wearing a promise ring – but an engagement ring! Apparently, Sam picked out the affordable ring himself from Etsy.

Rosa van Iterson's wedding.
Rosa van Iterson flaunts her budget wedding ring. (Photo: YouTube)

“I had to custom-order it for your finger, because your finger is tiny,” Sam said. “When I bought the ring, she had NO idea.”

“It is dainty and pretty and I love it!” Rosa said.

How Did Sam Propose to Rosa?

Sam ditched his original, grander proposal plans and decided to propose to Rosa at home.

“I was super nervous. I had no idea what to do,” he said. “I thought she would say no. I got so much anxiety. I was freaking out.”

Sam and Rosa.
Sam and his new fiancée looking super cute on Snapchat. (Photo: Instagram)

At around 8:00 in the evening, Sam said that he called Rosa up to the room, where they ended up sitting on a bed and facing each other. Sam then told Rosa to close her eyes. “Give me your hand,” he asked her.

Sam then slipped the ring onto her ring finger without asking. “We just kissed a lot,” Rosa revealed. “Then I said yes.”

When & Where Will Sam & Rosa Be Getting Married?

Sam confirmed that he was going to schedule the wedding for sometime next year (2017).

He told fans that he wanted to get married in Amsterdam, where Rosa is from. Sam said that he was not going to have many of his own family members there.

Sam Pottorff and Rosa.
Sam Pottorff makes a face with Rosa. (Photo: Instagram)

To make the marriage legal in the United States, they will simply go to the courthouse for a quickie.

Sam also revealed that Rosa helps him manage his diabetes and insulin – and even gives him a hand with his YouTube videos. A match made in heaven!

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