Shane Dawson Exposes His YouTuber Friends: “Colleen Ballinger Is Hateful, Gigi’s Butt Has to Be Fake”

Shane Dawson said what he really thought about his YouTuber friends. (Photo: Instagram)

Shane Dawson had a lot of fun on Hey Qween hosted by Jonny McGovern and Lady Red Couture.

He also spent a lot of time spilling stories about his YouTuber friends.

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Shane Dawson on Colleen Ballinger: “She Is the Most Hateful & Shady – I Love Her”

Shane Dawson praised his friend Colleen for being secretly shady.

Miranda Sings dons purple feathers.
Miranda Sings dons purple feathers. (Photo: Instagram)

“Colleen is the best…she is the most hateful, shadiest. I love her.”

“Whenever we hang out… Literally the first words out of her mouth are ‘Okay what do you got, who do you hate, who’s next?’ just going in on everybody.”

“A lot of comedians in general… a lot of the comedy comes from hate. Self-hatred. When you hate yourself, you hate everybody around you.”

He claimed that Colleen was nice to YouTubers’ faces, but a different person behind their backs.

“She’s so good at being nice. She’ll do collabs with like every YouTuber, and they’ll think they are Colleen’s best friend.”

“And when we get together, and oh man. If they only knew.”

Shane on Tyler Oakley: “He Promotes Way Too Much”

“Like, he promotes WAY too much, but he will say ‘Yeah I know, queen, I promote too much.’ so you can’t really make fun of him.”

Tyler Oakley.
Tyler Oakley. (Photo: Instagram)

“Tyler, is one of those people… it’s impossible to say anything bad about that guy. Because he says everything about himself.”

“My favorite thing he does, that I will make fun of him to his face for… he’ll sell merch. He has these posters that we ALL had to f****** sign at VidCon because all the kids buy them.”

“That says like ‘I watch YouTube’ …all the YouTube fans buy his merch. It’s genius. Like Team Internet shirts. Genius. I wish I would have thought of that s***.”

Some of Tyler Oakley's merchandise.
Some of Tyler Oakley’s merchandise. (Photo: District Lines)

“He was the first person to tell me what Grindr was. Maybe two years ago.”

“He told me about licking armpits and something called Scruff and something-daddy. He gave me a full rundown.”

Shane on Why Joey Graceffa’s Coming out Wasn’t so Surprising: “That Closet Door Was Beads – Shimmery Beads”

“I have known Joey since forever. Since he was chubby, acne, terrible hair, like best friends with a lesbian, making terrible videos. I have known him forever.”

Joey Graceffa and Daniel Christopher.
Joey Graceffa and Daniel Christopher paint each other. (Photo: Instagram)

“Now Joey is doing all these sexy modelling things. Taking his shirt off.”

When asked about Joey Graceffa’s recent coming out, Shane insinuated that everybody already knew Joey was gay. “That closet door was beads. Shimmery beads.”

Shane on Possibly Getting Hit on by Lucas Cruikshank: “I Think Fred Is Trying to Fuck Me”

Shane told a story where he thought he was being hit on by a teen Lucas Cruikshank – To Catch a Predator style.

“It was like five years ago, I haven’t even talked to him about this.”

Lucas Cruikshank hangs out with a dog.
Lucas Cruikshank hangs out with a dog. (Photo: Instagram)

“He followed me on Twitter. We started talking [on AIM], I was like 19, he was like 15 – I don’t know.”

Shane revealed that Lucas invited him to his hotel. “We should like hang out – it was like one in the morning.”

“Isn’t that kind of weird though?”

Shane told his mom, “I think Fred is trying to fuck me.”

“I was like setting up the hangout. I said something. I made a really gross joke about blowing him. Because I thought it was going there.”

“And he blocked me. Blocked me on Twitter, blocked me on everything. Deleted every tweet he had sent me.”

“I went too far…I met him three years later and it was cool.”

“Now it’s this weird thing… we are friends, but I want to be like… were you trying to fuck me? Were you trying to catch a predator? What was happening?”

Shane on Not Knowing Troye Sivan’s Name: “I Have Been Calling Him Troye Sybian Since Forever”

“Ten minutes ago, I learned that his name is not Troye Sybian. Which is, by the way, the name of the machine that stars use on the Howard Stern show.”

Troye Sivan takes a selfie.
Troye Sivan takes a selfie. (Photo: Instagram)

“I have been calling him Troye Sybian since forever – probably not something he loves.”

“He walked by me at VidCon…he’s a tiny mouse. I had no idea who he was. There was just a swarm of people around him.”

“I looked him up later and should have gotten a picture.”

Shane on the Harries Twins: “They Are Like Dead”

“They are like dead or something.”

Jack Harries and Finn Harries. (Photo: Instagram)
Jack Harries and Finn Harries. (Photo: Instagram)

“They like quit or something.”

“I think one of them is like ‘I’m a filmmaker now!’ and the other one is like ‘Meh!’, and now they are just gone.”

“Every year, there is a young, straight YouTuber.” Shane did sarcastic air quotes when he said “straight”.

“Who comes onto the scene. And like a year later, they are just gone.”

Shane on Aaron & Austin Rhodes: “What Are They Spreading?”

“I met them. I went to Willam’s house to do a video.”

Aaron and Austin Rhodes during a car ride.
Aaron and Austin Rhodes during a car ride. (Photo: Instagram)

“In the middle of the video, two gay guys just walk in, and just like start doing stuff.”

“Are we going to talk about who are these people?”

“One of them walked to the bathroom and I heard like a toilet seat and a flush and whatever.”

“And Willam just goes… ‘You better not use that toilet seat.’ I was like, what does THAT mean? ”

“What is happening? What are they spreading?”

Shane on Gigi Gorgeous: “Her A** Has to Be Fake”

“I have seen her t***. Seen them. It’s nuts.”

Gigi Gorgeous has given Facetune tutorials. (Photo: Instagram)
Gigi Gorgeous has given Facetune tutorials. (Photo: Instagram)

“I met her a long time ago before she did a lot of surgery. Afterwards, she got her new b****. Just gotten them.”

“Jokingly, I was like, come on let me see!”

“She just took her shirt off and showed me her b****. They are b****. They are huge. They don’t look fake. It’s pretty amazing.”

“Every time I see her she has something else done and she looks even more like a woman. I mean, she is a woman.”

“She says [her a**] is not fake, but it HAS to be fake. It’s crazy.”

He revealed that Gigi liberally uses Facetune on Instagram. “That is not a person. That’s a Pixar character.”

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