Shane Dawson Responds to Trevor Moran Dating Rumors

Shane Dawson cleared up rumors. (Photo: Instagram)

Shane Dawson recently popped onto Snapchat to clear up some big rumors.

He discussed everything from Gurugossiper to Trevor Moran.

Shane Dawson Clears up Rumors

“It’s 3:30 in the morning, and I was on Google. And I was Googling to see if my Story Time video p***** anybody off. I wonder if any gurus are like, mad or whatever.”

Shane revealed that he stumbled upon the Gurugossiper forum. “I clicked on a link, and I ended up on a website. I am not going to say the name of it, but y’all know who I am talking about.”

“It is a site I never go to. Ever. Because, one of my friends, one of my YouTube friends, goes to it sometimes – and she tells me stuff. Why are you reading that s***?”

“I avoid stuff like that. But I fell down a hole, girl, and I learned some s***. So I just want to debunk some rumors that I found.”

Shane Hits Back at Body Critics

“I saw a thread of people saying I was too skinny. But right under that, it was like, actually, he is too fat. And right under that, it was, he’s not too fat – he has like, a weird body.”

Shane Dawson in a red suit.
Shane Dawson in a red suit. (Photo: Instagram)

“And then this one girl goes, he needs to stop trying to lose weight and just gain muscle instead, because that will make his body less weird. Dot dot dot. Never mind, no it won’t.”

Shane Denies That He Is Secretly in His Late 30’s

“So number one, I am 27. There were a lot of girls postin’ in there sayin’ I was in my late 30’s.”

“I’ll be there, for sure. But not yet. And all you b****** writing that s***, you need to clock yourselves. You’re probably 20-something!”

Shane Dawson in drag.
Shane Dawson in drag. (Photo: Instagram)

“And when you are 27, and people start saying you are in your late 30’s, you ain’t gonna have it.”

Shane Says His Beauty Guru Parody Is Not About Anybody in Particular

“Speaking of gossip, I just want to let all the gurus out there know, not that they are watching this. Because this face would give them a heart attack.”

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“The video was not about anybody specific. It was about everybody. It was making fun of everybody. I was not making fun of particular people. I saw a lot of names in the comments.”

“I was not making fun of specific people. By the way, Trish, Gigi, a lot of my friends do Story Time videos. I was making fun of them too. And making fun of myself, because I have done them too.”

Shane Denies the Illegal Trevor Rumors

“There is also a theory that I am f****** Trevor Moran,” Shane said.

Why were fans thinking this? Shane and Trevor often hang out, and Shane constantly references Trevor. He even went as Trevor for Halloween.

On Trisha’s podcast, Shane said, “I want to plug Trevor Moran’s a****** with my c***.” Shane also constantly makes sex jokes about the 17-year-old. Here he is, talking about facials on Twitter.


He said, “Uh. I am NOT f****** Trevor Moran. He would be 17 years old. And people are like, oh, Shane is into YOUNG people.”

“By the ages of my previous girlfriends, and my daddy issues, wouldn’t you suspect that I would be into OLDER types?”

Shane, Trevor and Ricky.
Shane, Trevor and Ricky. (Photo: Instagram)

“What I want to say to all these b****** on the internet who be hatin’ on me. You hatin’ on me! Which means you watchin’ me. And I ain’t going nowhere!”

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