Shane Dawson under Fire for Using Bloodied Ferguson Woman in YouTube Thumbnail

Shane Dawson has upset Black Tumblr yet again. (Photo: YouTube)

Shane Dawson is in trouble after using a bloody photo of injured Dornella Conners in a video thumbnail.

The thumbnail in question was for a weekly YouTube video hosted by Alexis G. Zall called BombDotCom, titled “Women Fighting Over Bras?!”.

Tumblr user aduhm reblogged an article by user black-culture, and added the original screencap below.

The thumbnail.

What happened to Dornella Conners?

According to the Huffington Post, Dornella was blinded and lost her left eye after Ferguson police decided to shoot a bean bag round into her car.

Dornella and her boyfriend were driving away from a gas station, trying to avoid policemen, but were chased down.

The pregnant Dornella is currently okay, and is in recovery.

Shane Apologizes, Deletes Video

Shane immediately took to Twitter to explain the situation. Apparently, he was not aware that the photo’s origin was from a Ferguson riot. He admits he Googled “black friday fight” and decided to snatch a random image.

Shane googled Black Friday.

In fact, Shane was so appalled at his lack of judgement that he decided to delete the entire video, rather than wait for the new thumbnail to be properly processed. “I’m so sorry,” he says.

Dramatic injury.

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