Shane Dawson’s Not a Fan of Anti-Bullying Campaigns: Some Kids Need to Be Bullied

Shane Dawson believes some bullying is healthy. (Photo: YouTube)

Shane Dawson has spoken out against anti-bullying campaigns, saying that some kids need a little bullying to check their large egos.

In his latest Shane and Friends Podcast with Ricky Dillon and co-host Jessie Buttafuoco, Shane claims bullying is a precursor to success – and also hopes his child gets a little bullying to “build character”.

Shane Says Bullying Often Leads to Success

Shane tells viewers that he made a video about his dislike of “anti-bullying” campaigns, but will not post it, as he thinks it might be too controversial.

“I would never be where I am today if I wasn’t bullied,” he explains.

“Barack Obama, he was bullied. Lady Gaga – she was bullied. Martin Luther King. All the biggest, influential people…Rosa Parks.”

“Everyone my age who has been successful has been bullied.”

Shane Claims Some Kids Need Some Bullying

Shane mentions he was searching around on YouTube one day when he stumbled upon teenage YouTubers who are making “terrible” videos and have “no talent”.

“Whenever they get a mean comment, they’re just like, ‘oh, it’s a hater and all my fans love me’ – it’s these kids that have never been bullied. They have these huge heads because of it.”

“Some of these kids need to be told they can’t dance, they can’t sing, they can’t model, they can’t act. But they’re not – so their heads are getting so f**king big.”

“I’ve noticed some of these kids need a f**king bully to tell them ‘b**ch you suck’ and maybe that will make them better.”

Shane Dawson Hopes His Child Gets a Little Bullying

“I hope my child gets a little bit of s**t. I hope he or she learns how to deal with that and how to take that. And be motivated, and driven. I never want my kid having never had anybody tell them ‘hey you suck’ because they will always think they’re great and become a**holes.”

“I’m not 100% behind the anti-bullying campaign. I know that is such a controversial thing to say.”

Shane Claims He Doesn’t Care about the ‘Haters’

Shane then claims he doesn’t care about hate comments on his videos.

He also says he brushed the “terrible” reviews of his movie Not Cool aside – and urges listeners to do the same to “haters”. “Even when my movie came out, and I was getting all these bad reviews, I was like ‘yeah, I get it’ it’s not for everybody. I wasn’t just like…ugh, f**k the haters.”

However, viewers of the docu-series The Chair will remember Shane being roundly criticized for refusing to take part in audience testing – as he was too scared to find out what viewers really thought of his raunchy comedy.

Shane also has recently complained multiple times about “emotional abuse” and “bullying” at the hands of The Chair competitors Victor Quinaz, Anna Martemucci and producers Zachary Quinto and Neal Dodson.

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