Shawn Mendes Celebrates 19th Birthday With Wild Rooftop Party

Shawn Mendes celebrated his 19th birthday with a sexy party. (Photo: Instagram)

Shawn Mendes decided to turn 19 in style, and celebrated his birthday with a wild poolside bash at a rooftop bar in Toronto.

The mild-mannered Canadian pop prodigy showed a different side of himself as he channeled his fellow Canadian sensation Justin Bieber’s fun-seeking ways.

Shawn Mendes spreads thighs.
Shawn Mendes lounges in a chair in black shorts and a relaxed smile. (Photo: Instagram)

Additionally, Shawn finally reached the official drinking age in Ontario at 19!

Shawn Mendes Dances to His Own Songs as He Downs Shot After Shot

Shawn Mendes was finally legally allowed to drink in Ontario, and he took full advantage of this new ability by downing drink after drink throughout the night.

Shawn Mendes drinking.
Shawn downed drink after drink to celebrate the occasion. (Photo: Instagram)

He even blew out multiple sparkler-topped cakes as he thanked everybody for attending his party.

Shawn Mendes blows candles.
Shawn Mendes blows out his candles while people chant his name. (Photo: Instagram)

He was surrounded by family, friends, fans and random strangers as he bopped around to his own songs.

Shawn Mendes dances.
Shawn showed his fantastic moves while he bopped up and down. (Photo: Snapchat)

Girls tried to get close to him and one even pawed at his face as he started dancing. At one point, he danced to a remix of There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back while the whole room sang along to the lyrics.

Shawn Mendes touched by fans.
Shawn was touched all over by wandering hands while he danced to his own songs. (Photo: Instagram)

However, some ungrateful attendees asked him for a pic, then trashed him on Twitter.

Women love Shawn Mendes.
Women threw themselves at the in-demand Canadian star Shawn Mendes. (Photo: Instagram)

His good friend Charlie Puth was also at the party, but didn’t stay too long.

Shawn Mendes talking to girls.
Shawn was surrounded by various fans, friends, strangers and family. (Photo: Instagram)

Shawn Jumps Into a Pool With Sexy Girls

Shawn later decided to get all wet and jumped into the adjacent swimming pool with his top off.

Shawn Mendes in infinity pool.
Shawn Mendes enjoyed some pool time with various guests. (Photo: Snapchat)

He was surrounded by a horde of girls as he suggested another toast in the pool.

Shawn Mendes taking shots shirtless.
Cheers, eh! Shawn toasts to his continued success at the rooftop bash. (Photo: Instagram)

He enjoyed more drinks while surrounded by a bevy of beauties.

Shawn Mendes pool party.
Shawn even took shots in the pool, surrounded by hot Canadian babes. (Photo: Instagram)
Shawn Mendes with girls in a pool.
Shawn Mendes stripped off to his trunks for a swim with girls. (Photo: Snapchat)

Looks like he had a lot of fun!

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