Louise Pentland’s Book Debuts at #15 on The Official UK Top 50

SprinkleOfGlitter: How well did her book do in its first week? (Photo: Instagram)

SprinkleOfGlitter has moved 7,379 units of her new debut book Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter in the tracking week ending July 4th, for a total of 7,422, according to The Bookseller and Nielsen Bookscan UK.

Units moved for Louise's debut week.
Units moved for Louise’s debut week. (Photo: The Bookseller)

In comparison, friend Tanya Burr debuted with 15,117 units for Love, Tanya.

SprinkleOfGlitter Debuts at #15 on the Overall UK Top 50 Chart

Louise’s numbers were enough to secure a #15 placing on The Official UK Top 50 for her debut week.

SprinkleOfGlitter debuted at #15 on The Official UK Top 50.
SprinkleOfGlitter debuted at #15 on The Official UK Top 50. (Photo: The Bookseller)

Louise Pentland Celebrates Her #1 in The Hardback Non-Fiction Category

Although Louise Pentland is celebrating her #1 placing on Twitter, she did not mention that she is actually referring to the lower-competition “Hardback Non-Fiction” category.

Hardback non-fiction.
Louise hit a #1 in the low-competition category. (Photo: The Bookseller)

On this lower competition chart, her main competition was a 5-month old book released in February (Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites), which moved 6,702 units last week for a #2 placing. Deliciously Ella, released 6 months ago in January, moved 3,094 units for a #3 spot in this category.

Times number one?

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