Suede Brooks’ Fans Aren’t Happy With Her Because of This

Suede Brooks caused some controversy for this reason. (Photo: Instagram)

Suede Brooks has stirred up a warzone in her social media comments and mentions with her new hairstyle.

She follows in the footsteps of Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber with her latest hair drama.

Suede Brooks sexy.
Suede Brooks shows off a black bikini. (Photo: Instagram)

Suede Brooks Debuts Her New, Controversial Hairstyle

Suede Brooks was on Snapchat when she showed fans the process of getting some new cornrows. She later deleted the story, and posted a photo of her new look on Instagram instead.

The photo features Suede wearing a black hoodie and some red lipstick alongside her new hair.

Suede Brooks' hair racism.
Suede Brooks caused some drama with this photo she posted. (Photo: Instagram)

As you would expect, this stirred up some controversy.

Fans Fight

Fans started fighting in her mentions and comments, and were split on if her new style was acceptable or not.

“I am disgusted! Why are you taking from other people’s cultures? Why is everyone so problematic?” one fan wrote. “Why do white girls want to be black so badly? What’s up with models and cultural appropriation?”

Aidan Alexander and Suede Brooks.
Suede Brooks poses with her friend Aidan Alexander. (Photo: Instagram)

“White people are hella stupid. Why do you have an opinion on this if you are not educated on this topic?’ another critical fan wrote.

Some fans defended her. “You’re being so extra right now. It’s a f****** hairstyle get over yourselves.”

“White girls trying to validate cultural appropriation just kills me,” one fan responded to another. “Cultural appropriation or not, she looks dead a** awful.”

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