Tana Mongeau ARRESTED at Coachella: “I Was Framed!”

Tana Mongeau found herself in a bit of trouble at Coachella. (Photo: Instagram)

Tana Mongeau recently admitted that she was arrested at Coachella – and was framed!

Although Tana sometimes catches a bit of flack for over-exaggerating everything, her friend Trevor Moran confirmed that she WAS arrested.

Tana Mongeau being sexy.
Tana Mongeau seduces the camera in a black swimsuit. (Photo: Instagram)

Trevor Moran Reveals One of His Friends Was Arrested at Coachella

Trevor Moran, who was partying with Tana for most of Coachella, popped up on Twitter and revealed that someone he knew just got arrested.

Tana Mongeau with Trevor Moran.
Tana Mongeau & Trevor Moran get excited by bubbles. (Photo: Instagram)

“I’m shook!” he screamed online. “My friends… one of them just got arrested!”

Although he didn’t initially mention who it was, other people at the event overheard him talking. A fan heard him shouting about Tana’s arrest during Lorde’s performance.

This particular fan was especially excited about overhearing their conversation. “Tana was arrested!”

Tana Mongeau Admits She Was Arrested

Later, Tana Mongeau excitedly went on Twitter to confirm that she was taken by security. More material for her infamous Storytime videos!

Trevor and Tana.
We’re here to have fun! Trevor Moran & Tana Mongeau strike a pose at Coachella. (Photo: Instagram)

She didn’t exactly reveal any details, since she was probably saving them for a video. “I was FRAMED!” she claimed.

Tana looked on the bright side, and bragged about her spectacular mugshot.

She asked fans who witnessed it to tweet her.

She also claimed that paparazzi “took her photos in handcuffs”. However, they are nowhere to be found online at the moment.

Ricky Dillon Can’t Wait for Tana’s Storytime Video

Ricky Dillon could not wait for Tana’s story.

Tana Mongeau in a bikini.
Tana Mongeau sizzles at the beach in a blue bikini. (Photo: Instagram)

He said that he wished cameras were there. “It’s like an episode of a crazy reality show!”

We can’t wait for the storytime, either!

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