Tanya Burr Bashed for Giving Her Puppy a ‘Dangerous’ Bath

Tanya Burr found herself in some Instagram drama. (Photo: Instagram)

Yesterday, a ton of haters and animal-lovers decided to bash Tanya Burr on Instagram.

Why? Because she gave her puppy Martha a bubble bath.

Tanya Burr Bathes Her Adorable Puppy Martha in a Bubble Bath

Tanya Burr decided to take a bath with her puppy. She took a photo of the Unicorn Horn bubble bar from Lush Cosmetics.

Lush Cosmetics.
Tanya Burr appeared to use a Unicorn Horn bubble bar from Lush Cosmetics. (Photo: Instagram)

She later posted another photo with her legs and her puppy Martha bathing in the bubble bath. Pretty Little Liars can be seen in the background.

Tanya Burr's dog Martha.
This is the photo that got fans all riled up. (Photo: Instagram)

Fans Melt down on Instagram

Fans went crazy on Instagram. One fan wrote, “Your puppy is so young and could get an allergic reaction to the human products in the bath!”

“You should NOT bathe your dog in human products!” another warned. “She is going to kill her puppy!”

Tanya Burr.
Tanya Burr loves her puppy Martha. (Photo: Instagram)

All the bashing prompted other fans to defend her. “Why the hell is everyone melting down? The dog is not dead.”

“You are ALL overreacting. I am 100% sure Tanya would not harm her dog! Get a f****** grip!”

Why Were Fans Going Crazy?

As most of you know, Lush Cosmetics has a zero-tolerance animal-testing policy. They do not associate with or buy raw materials from ANY company that tests on animals.

In fact, you can read their entire animal testing policy right here.


However, there is a side effect to this policy. There’s no way for consumers to be 100% sure that the human products are actually 100% safe for animals.

Fortunately, the ingredients for the product appear to be fairly innocuous. You can see the ingredient list right here.

Tanya Burr Hits Back

Tanya Burr responded to the drama on Twitter.


She said that the dog was not in the bath for very long – and that Martha was rinsed.


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