Taylor Caniff Blasts ‘Bullies’ Tyler Oakley & Lohanthony: “Karma Will Get You”

Taylor Caniff is not a fan of Tyler Oakley and Lohanthony. (Photo: Twitter)

“You guys have tried to kill my career,” Taylor Caniff announced to Tyler Oakley and Lohanthony, in his latest video. “I feel like you guys want me to cry myself to sleep at night.”

Taylor Caniff has declared that Tyler Oakley is the “biggest bully on the internet”, and should “stop judging” people.

He accuses Tyler and Lohanthony – who have had multiple controversies, including past racist comments – of throwing stones in glass houses whenever they “call out” people on the internet.

Taylor Caniff Accuses Tyler Oakley & Lohanthony of Trying to Ruin the Careers of Magcon Members

“I’m not a douchebag. And whatever Tyler Oakley or Lohanthony say about me, they don’t know who the fuck I am.”

“Those kids have literally never met me.”

“And Tyler Oakley, I’ve got one message for you, dude. Why do you love to constantly bring people down? Why do you love to try and ruin people’s careers?”

“Me, Nash, Carter, Cameron, all of us, dude.”

Magcon: Carter, Nash, Cameron and Taylor.
Taylor defends his Magcon friends.

Taylor Caniff Calls Tyler & Lohanthony ‘Bullies’

“You go out, and you go with needles and pick little things out of our lives that we have messed up. Everyone makes mistakes. And you put them on blast on your social media sites to all of your followers, and try to get us hate.”

“You’re not a cool dude, dude. You’re not.”

“Karma will get you, man. Karma will honestly get you.”

Tyler Oakley and Lohanthony.
Tyler Oakley and Lohanthony are good friends. (Photo: Twitter)

“You need to keep your opinions to yourself, you need to stop acting like you own the internet.”

“And you going around, being in all these anti-bullying campaigns…you’re the #1 bully on the internet! You call EVERYONE out. For their one little mistake.”

“Why don’t you mind your own business. Why don’t you pay attention to yourself?”

“To you, Lohanthony, dude. Stop knifing everyone’s little mistakes they made. Everyone makes mistakes. YOU make mistakes. But I’m not going to go out there and call YOU out, dude.”

Taylor Caniff Is Furious at Being Called a ‘Homophobe’

“You don’t realize how much stress you put me through. By saying that I am homophobic. Dude, you don’t F****** know me dude. I’m NOT homophobic at all. At ALL, dude. You don’t know me, dude. At all.”

“That video I made, was when I was 15 years old, dude. You don’t understand what I was going through when I was 15 years old.”

Taylor is referring to a video in which he called guy-on-guy sex “disgusting”.

Taylor Caniff shirtless.
Taylor Caniff poses shirtless. (Photo: Instagram)

“It does hurt. It does upset me.”

Taylor Urges Tyler & Anthony to Apologize

“I hope that one day you guys learn to apologize for all the things you’ve done.”

“You literally lied to the internet, you couldn’t even be real to yourself, and admit your sexuality. You hid it for I don’t know how long, dude.”

“Who knows what else you’re lying about, dude?”

“I hope you see this, Tyler. And you should never judge anyone.”

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