Taylor Caniff Doesn’t Want Obama to Take His Guns Away

Taylor Caniff runs shirtless outside. (Photo: Pinterest)

Taylor Caniff recently revealed that he needed a gun for protection – for several reasons.

Taylor Caniff.
Taylor Caniff goes riding. (Photo: Instagram)

Obama Comes out Strong on Gun Control

Obama recently stepped up his gun control efforts. As of writing, his administration is still preparing an executive order tightening gun access.

Taylor Is Not a Fan of Obama’s Gun Control Proposals

A few weeks ago, Taylor Caniff was definitely not a fan of Obama’s new gun control proposals. He made his thoughts known on his personal Facebook page.


“Obama needs to chill!” he wrote. He revealed that gun ownership was a necessity to him. “I gotta have a gun for protection… for several reasons…”

Fortunately for Taylor, Obama’s new policies would not bar him from keeping his gun.

His sister Kellie Caniff Bruce supported him. “You do! I get scared to be around you in public, because of the CRAZY things fans do sometimes.”


His brother Jordan Caniff joked, “He can’t take my guns. Let a ninja try me!”

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