Taylor Caniff Superfan Tattoos His Signature on Her Body

Would you tattoo Taylor Caniff on your body? (Photo: Instagram / Snapchat)

You’ve seen the Drake forehead tattoo – but have you permanently etched a reminder of your favorite Viner on your body yet?

According to Taylor Caniff’s Snapchat, a fervent fan did exactly that.

Taylor Caniff Reveals a Fan Tattooed His Signature on Her Hip

Taylor Caniff snapchatted evidence that a fan got a tattoo of his autograph. “Got my tattoo!” he captioned.

Taylor Caniff fan tattoo.
A Taylor Caniff fan tattoo. (Photo: Taylor Caniff / Snapchat)

Some fans thought Caniff got a tattoo of his own signature – but they quickly noticed the lace top, a lack of abs and pink pants.

Although it is unclear if the tattoo is actually real, it gave many other fans a great idea.

“If I ever get your autograph I swear to gosh I WILL tattoo it on my ankle!” one fan said.

On my ankle.

“Getting Taylor Caniff’s signature as a tattoo is so my goal,” another tweeted.

Is so my goal!

Do You Also Want to Tattoo a Viner’s Signature on Your Body?

How about tattooing Cameron Dallas’ autograph on your neck?

We’ve made a helpful image you can print out for your favorite neighborhood tattoo artist.

Cameron Dallas' signature autograph.
Tattoo Cameron Dallas’ signature on your body today! (Photo: Tumblr)

Or what about a signature from Nash Grier? We suggest somewhere highly visible, such as your forehead.

Nash Grier's autographed signature.
Nash Grier’s autographed signature would look great on you. (Photo: Tumblr)

Or don’t. Have fun!

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