Trisha Paytas Fears Being Killed for Troll Videos

Trisha Paytas loves her boobs. (Photo: YouTube)

Trisha Paytas fears for her life, worried that haters of her YouTube troll videos are coming to kill her.

Update: Trisha has deleted most of her troll videos.

The b**** blonde is famed for her viral troll videos regarding PETA, animals, gay people, Republicans, Mitt Romney, women, Jews and more.

In a podcast interview with best friend Shane Dawson on Shane and Friends, Trisha gives fans a history lesson on how she started trolling in the first place.

What Was Trisha’s First-Ever Troll Video?

Trisha replies, “My first conscious trolling video was in 2011 when I said why men are superior to women. And I said that we should just be home cooking and cleaning, and guys should just dominate this world because they are just genetically better than us. That didn’t go as viral.”

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Trisha’s First Viral Troll Video Featured Mitt Romney

“My first viral one was when I said the reasons why I was voting for Mitt Romney. Obviously everyone hates Republicans, and I look like an idiot. So they were like, look at Republicans – they’re all idiots like this girl. I said stuff like, I’m voting for Mitt Romney because Mitt rhymes with T** and I have a kitten named Mittens. Like all stuff like that. And they were just like, this dumb b****, oh, all Republicans are like her,” Trisha says.

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Trisha continues, “Because my dad says things that would offend a ton of people, so I just started repeating what my dad would say. So with the Mitt Romney thing, I just kind of ran with it.”

Trisha Fears Haters Will Murder Her

The video vixen reveals, “I don’t do trolling videos anymore, for safety reasons, in case people want to KILL me!”

“They don’t like it whenever I do videos about gays or Jews. They just don’t like it!”

Trisha defends herself, “I love gays and wish I was Jewish – I LOVE Jew guys. But the videos are just trolling! That’s what I’m saying. ”

Trisha Deletes an Anti-PETA Troll Video

Shane recalls a conversation he once had with Trisha, “This is my favorite moment I’ve ever had with Trisha. We were all hanging out. That day she had just put up a video that went over bad about PETA, animals and death.”

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“I think you had even deleted it because people were so mad. And you were like, yeah, I’m done with troll videos.”

Shane says, “Done, whatever. I was like, oh really? What video are you putting up tomorrow?”

Devout Catholic Trisha Trolls Again: “Being Gay Is a Choice”

“Trisha goes, oh, it’s called Being Gay is a Choice! I was like, b****, you think the animal thing is bad?”

Trisha defends herself, “The video’s not really about that. It’s just that the title is kind of a troll.”

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Shane says, “Your YouTube is full of trolling videos. A trolling video is when you make it knowing it’s going to get bad attention. It’s like if I made a video called All Animals Should Die, I would be laughing all the way to the bank. You’re known for that.”

What Was Trisha’s First Taste of Viral Fame?

“In the first 48 hours [the Mitt Romney video] got 2 million views. Cha-ching. I was like, oh my gosh, like what. I didn’t make any money off YouTube, and it was the first time I ever made money off of it. So I just need to just keep making these videos,” Trisha says.

“And I got on TV for that. I was on a couple of shows, something on CNN and Fox News. The View wanted me but I hate The View – I hate all of them. I hate Joy. They’re all high and mighty, and superior. I’m just like, these ugly b****** on TV talking smack. I don’t like daytime TV, I don’t like what it stands for.”

Shane goes, “I dress up like Wendy Williams, and I become the face of blackface and racism and whatever on CNN. But like its weird how you – maybe because people are used to it – but you don’t get much bad press for things that you do.”

Trisha replies, “Yeah, because I’m not you. Nobody really cares. I’m not like one of those people trying to do stuff out there. I’m literally just living my life. I’m not making movies or acting. I’m literally just a girl sitting on a couch – my YouTube videos are literally the worst quality on the internet. I literally just sit there and don’t edit. I’m just like – hey! So nobody cares. People just want to hear me talk and show some b****.”

“That’s why we love you,” Shane says.

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