Fan ATTACKS Troye Sivan with a Water Bottle

An overly excited fan launched a bottle at Troye's head. (Photo: Instagram)

Last week, Troye Sivan was whacked by a suspicious flying object during his Sydney concert.

Troye, who has a pretty good sense of humor, took it on the chin – so to speak.

Troye Sivan.
Troye Sivan looking very bored. (Photo: Instagram)

Troye Sivan Is Hit by a Flying Water Bottle

An overly excited Troye fan decided to launch a flying water bottle aimed at his head. YouTube user Calypso Faulkner recorded the moment.

Here’s a GIF.

Troye attacked.
Boom! An excited fan launched a bottle at Troye’s head.

It could have been worse. One Direction star Harry Styles was once attacked in the crotch by a flying water bottle, and toppled over.

Harry Styles attacked.
Harry Styles was hit in the crotch by a water bottle.

Troye Fans React

Troye fans did not find the bottle-throwing funny in the slightest, and slammed the attacker in the comments.

Troye Sivan.
Troye Sivan looking lonely. (Photo: Instagram)

“Why would someone throw a bottle at him?” one fan asked. They assumed the thrower was a hater. “Why would you pay $100 to see somebody you hate?”


“I will BURN the s***** a** devil… and cut that pig’s head! And blend it!” another angry fan wrote.


“I will KILL the person who did that,” one fan threatened.


Some fans thought that the bottle hit the mic, but Troye confirmed that he was actually hit.


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