Koreans Reacted to Troye Sivan & It Was Everything (Throwback)

Korean teens react to Troye Sivan. (Photo: YouTube)

Youtube channel CHEMYCAST had Korean teenagers react to Troye Sivan’s music videos.

Their video revealed what Korean girls thought of Troye’s super popular videos from his album, Blue Neighborhood.

That’s not all. The group of girls also gave their thoughts on Troye being gay and whether they “accepted” his homosexuality.

Troye Sivan’s Songs Moves a Girl to Tears

One girl was so moved by Troye’s singing and the emotion in his music videos that she started to cry. “The lyrics are so realistic, they are not just artificial,” she said while wiping away tears.

The other participants agreed as they all gave plenty of praise and compliments for Troye’s great voice and songs.

2017 Update: Oh no! The video was deleted off YouTube. The original link was here. Enjoy Troye’s FOOLS video instead. Or read on to see my transcription of what they said!

However, not all were on Troye’s team when it came to what the music videos portrayed.

Korean Girls Are Shook by Guy-On-Guy Gay Kissing

One girl said she felt his music videos were difficult to watch because she was against homosexual relationships. “I’m in the opposite position about homosexual love so I felt a little bit awkward during watching,” she confessed.

Troye Sivan is a cute model for photoshoots
Troye Sivan poses in a photoshoot. (Photo: Twitter)

In his FOOLS music video, Troye kisses another guy and the moment completely caught the Korean teenagers off-guard. “Are you crazy, they kissed!” one girl screamed in disbelief.

Other girls were more laid back about the steamy on-screen moment. “I think it’s sexy, If I were a guy I’d do that,” another girl hilariously confessed.

Korean Teens Think Troye Would Not Be Succesful as a Gay Artist in Korea

Troye performs live in a white t-shirt.
Troye Sivan performing live at his concert. (Photo: Twitter)

When asked how mainstream Korea would react if Troye was a Korean artist and came out, one girl bluntly said it would not work out for him at all.

“Honestly it would not be accepted well in Korean culture,” she said of her society’s perception of homosexuality.

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