Tyler Oakley Shades Liam Payne (Again), Suffers the Consequences

Tyler Oakley Versus Directioners: Round 100. (Photo: YouTube)

Tyler Oakley has angered the Directioners again after throwing another Twitter jab at Liam Payne.

A while ago, Tyler Oakley originally fell out with One Direction, when he accused Liam Payne of supporting homophobic Duck Dynasty “family values”.

That previous incident resulted in a dramatic war, and Directioners threatened to unfollow Tyler Oakley and/or kill him.

Tyler Oakley celebrates being gay.
Tyler Oakley celebrates being gay. (Photo: Instagram)

Now, Tyler Oakley has angered One Direction fans, yet again.

Tyler Announces Why He Will Not Follow Liam Payne on Twitter

Tyler Oakley was responding to fan questions on Twitter, when he came across somebody tweeting him about Liam.

A fan tweeted, “This is so funny, he follows you but you don’t follow him.”


Tyler Oakley could not resist a jab at Liam Payne, and insinuated that Liam was a flaw. “It’s important to keep my timeline flaw-free.”

The Liam Payne Defense Squad Attacks Tyler Oakley in Retaliation

The #liamdefensesquad stepped in to defend the Duck Dynasty fan, and the hashtag trended worldwide.

“We’ll tear you limb by limb! I will find you, and I will KILL you!” one Liam fan tweeted.


One Direction fans threatened to destroy Tyler’s career – like The Wanted and Naughty Boy.


“Die, b****, die!” another tweeted.


“We will kill you.”


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