Tyler Posey Joins YouTube, Is Helped by Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley wants to collab with Tyler Posey. (Photo: YouTube)

Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey has launched a brand new YouTube channel called “lostinkostko”. As of writing, he has around 10,000 subscribers.

Tyler, who is also the guitar-playing frontman for a band, has already uploaded a series of clips, including one where he sings shirtless.

Tyler Posey shirtless.
A shirtless Tyler Posey with his band. (Photo: Twitter)

However, his channel username might be a little awkward – as his band is no longer called “Lost in Kostko” – but “Disappearing Jamie”.

Additionally, Tyler Posey’s first uploaded video is actually over three years old. However, it looks like he recently re-launched his channel, and implored viewers to check him out.

Invites people to subscribe.

Tyler Oakley somehow discovered this, was immediately went to subscribe. Posey was ecstatic, and tweeted an all-caps message complete with an expletive.

Tyler Posey tweets Tyler Oakley.

However, despite having a YouTube channel for over three years – Posey is still baffled about his channel name. Aren’t we all?

Tyler Posey doesn't get YouTube.

In fact, Tyler Posey has yet to upload a display picture, and is still relying on the default blue image given to new accounts.

Tyler Posey has no avatar.
A YouTube newbie? Tyler Posey has yet to set an avatar.

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