Here’s Why These 3 YouTubers Went Vegan This Month

Jenna, Ben and Louis are just some of the many YouTubers that have gone vegan. (Photo: Instagram)

There’s definitely no shortage of vegan YouTubers – but plenty more joined their ranks this September!

Ben, Jenna and Louis joined the likes of Mamrie Hart, Matthew Lush, Kalel, Niomi Smart, Anthony Padilla (and so on) in their collective quest to eschew all animal products.

1. Ben Brown Goes Vegan

Ben Brown revealed that he was going full vegan in a video earlier this month.

“I used to be the biggest meat-eater out there, when I was training for kayaking. It was probably 90% of my diet. Meat. Everything else was calories in order to get the energy to do the training.”

He credited a documentary for his change of heart. “Cowspiracy is incredible. I highly, highly recommend it. It’s really been the tipping point for me.”

“Education changes people. It has changed me for sure. I have spent the last few weeks educating myself about the impact on the environment, and the impact on my body that eating meat is having.”

Troyler kiss Ben Brown.
Troyler kiss Ben Brown. (Photo: Instagram)

“I cannot possibly say I’m an environmentalist when I eat meat. I feel really excited. I feel enlightened, and optimistic about the good I can do now.”

In a later vlog, Ben was forced to defend himself after fans asked why he was still wearing his leather watch and using his leather wallets.


“You’re missing the point,” Ben said. “No animal is going to be killed, unless I replace it… why would I do that when this one will last for years to come?”


2. Louis Cole Also Goes Vegan

FunForLouis initially shot to fame with FoodForLouis, a channel where he ate all sorts of exotic creatures.

“I was just browsing Twitter and I saw that Ben tweeted that he was watching Cowspiracy. Which is a documentary about the environmental impact of farming animals and eating animals.”

“I said to Alfie, let’s watch it. I think it might be one of the most life-changing things I’ve ever watched.”

“I’m just processing it. I have been an avid meat-eater. I haven’t [yet] bought all the arguments to fully going vegan. Watching that documentary made me question EVERYTHING. This is a pivotal moment in my life.”

Louis was famous for eating exotic food.
Louis was famous for eating exotic food. (Photo: Instagram)

“This could be a big step. I’ll start transitioning. It’s going to be crazy. I didn’t realize it would impact me this much.”

“I’m scared to say I’m going to go vegan. Let’s see how it goes.”

3. Jenna Marbles Tries Going Vegan Again

Jenna Marbles has been an on-and-off vegetarian / vegan for a while – but recently decided to go full vegan again.

On Snapchat, she said, “This is my multi-vitamin. Up there. I’ve been being really good about taking it, because I’m back to being 100% vegan.”

“One hundred percent vegan. And hopefully, I’m not going back.”

She was praised by vegan Freelee the Banana Girl, who previously went super viral by criticizing Jenna.

Why is Jenna trying to go full vegan now? “It’s just for personal reasons. For health reasons. For happiness reasons,” she elaborated.

Jenna Marbles and Jojo.
Jenna Marbles and Jojo. (Photo: Instagram)

“And if you eat meat, then do it and I love you. I was always on-and-off and I’d give myself cheat days and stuff. But really, I want to be done. I want to pick one!”

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