Vsauce3’s Jake Roper Announces He Has THIS Rare Form of Cancer

Vsauce3's Jake Roper had some news for fans. (Photo: Instagram)

Vsauce3’s Jake Roper recently gave an announcement to fans.

“I need to tell you something,” he said. “Good to see you. It has been quite a while, hasn’t it?”

“I’m glad you’re here with me right now.”

Jake Roper Reveals He Has a Rare Form of Cancer

Jake Roper told fans that he recently discovered that he had cancer.

“Details! What kind of cancer? I have sarcoma, that’s what it’s called. It is a rare form of cancer and it affects soft tissue. They found a lump on my shin about like, five months ago. But I assumed that it was kind of a bruise and it grew larger.”

Jake Roper shirtless.
Jake Roper in bed. (Photo: Instagram)

He said that doctors initially thought it was harmless. “And I went to the doctor and had it removed. That was this photo I posted on Instagram. The doctors just thought it was benign. It was just a thing, just a lump that grew. And it was a tumor, but it wasn’t a problem.”

A cancer tumor.
Jake shows Telula the Tumor. (Photo: Instagram)

“They did a test, and it turned out that it was sarcoma, which we did not know at first – because it is a difficult thing to diagnose.”

What Is Jake Going to Do Next?

He told fans that he was going to get an MRI next week, to check if the cancer spread to other body parts. “Hopefully, it has not. Because once it moves past the leg, and into the chest – that is NOT good.”

Jake Roper
Jake Roper looks at you. (Photo: Instagram)

“We are going to set up a surgery for my leg. They are going to cut it open, and basically replace that with the muscle in my calf. Use that to fill in the gap.”

“The other option is that they cut off my leg,” he joked. “But that won’t be happening. So I can still do my leg modelling.”

“And then, radiation treatments. That’s if everything goes well. Hopefully it does.”

He told fans that he was going to step away from the internet for a bit.


“Have a wonderful day, just in general!”

YouTubers Support Jake

Many YouTubers came out in support of Jake. “Sending positive vibes your way! Good luck with everything. Much love to you, Jake.”


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