4chan Launches ATTACK on YouTube’s #ProudToBe Campaign

YouTube's pro-LGBTQ #ProudToBe campaign is being attacked by trolls. (Photo: Instagram)

YouTube recently kicked off their pro-LGBTQ campaign #ProudToBe – but it’s already under attack by trolls from all over the internet.

YouTube’s #ProudToBe launch video and other people’s personal videos are currently being spammed with dislikes and shocking comments in a bid to “trigger” users.

YouTube Celebrates Identity With the #ProudToBe Campaign

YouTube wanted to honor and celebrate the LGBTQ community, and launched the #ProudToBe campaign all over YouTube.

Their launch video edited together a series of coming-out videos and conversations around gender and sexual identity. Various big and small YouTubers were shown discussing being gay, agender, omnisexual, genderqueer, transexual and more. Everyone from Troye Sivan to Gigi Gorgeous were featured in the video.

They also encouraged users to post and share their personal #ProudToBe videos and to use the hashtag in the titles.

All #ProudToBe videos are being spammed with troll comments and dislikes.

Unfortunately, the launch video and the user-submitted videos are already being spammed with dislikes and shocking comments. Although many are being deleted, there are just too many to get rid of.

4chan Goes to War

A ton of 4chan users were outraged by YouTube’s campaign, and launched a counter-campaign of their own. They ripped into the idea of multiple genders and urged users to tear the videos apart by disliking and spamming them. “We need to illegalize homosexuality!” one user wrote.


Many targeted individual videos and urged people to “trigger” users with ruthless comments. “Trigger the s*** out of these liberal f****!” one mad user wrote.


Many were ecstatic that their counter-campaign appeared to be working.


“Glad YouTube’s plan to push gender fluid b******* has backfired!” another user celebrated.

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