Jacob Sartorius Reveals He’s Going to Get His First Tattoo

Jacob Sartorius confirmed that he was going to get inked. (Photo: Instagram)

Jacob Sartorius just told his fans that he was planning to get inked.

However, there’s something that needs to happen before he actually goes under the needle!

Jacob Sartorius.
Edgy: Jacob Sartorius strikes a pose in ripped jeans & a beanie. (Photo: Instagram)

Jacob Reveals He Will Get a Tat When He Sells out an Arena

Jacob went on both Snapchat and Instagram Stories to drop some news for fans. He told them that he is planning to get a tattoo under one condition.

Jacob Sartorius.
Jacob Sartorius spilled his plans on Instagram Stories.

Jacob was riding in a car when he put a shoe to his ear like a telephone. “Yo, what’s poppin’ Snapchat. I’m in the car right now. It’s something cool that I agreed with my team. This is my shoe. Should I tell them what I’m gonna do?”

Jacob Sartorius with cat.
Jacob lies down with a cute black-and-white cat. (Photo: Instagram)

He finally revealed plans to get inked. “So, if one day I am doing arenas, which might be never, or might be very soon… I’m going to get a tattoo of the date of my first sold-out arena because I never want to forget it!”

Some fans were initially confused since Jacob has already sold out various big venues. However, arenas are significantly bigger.

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