Will Shepherd Reveals Fiance R.J. Aguiar Was Arrested in 2014 For THIS

Will and R.J. talk about jail, the cops and R.J's arrest. (Photo: YouTube)

“I’m so ashamed of what we have done,” Will Shepherd reveals in his latest Shep689 video with fiance R.J. Aguiar.

The duo are ready to explain their mysterious absence during February 2014.

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They Reveal R.J. Was Arrested in February 2014 on a 273.5(a)PC Charge – And Went to Jail

According to public records by the Burbank Police Department, Ricardo was arrested on a 273.5(A)PC charge (Corporal Injury To Spouse) last February.

RJ Aguiar's arrest record.
RJ Aguiar’s public arrest record as a screenshot. (Photo: Burbank Police Department)

His bail was set at $50,000.

Will & R.J. Explain the Events Leading up to R.J.’s Arrest

“On February 15, 2014, we were at a friend’s house, and we were all drinking. And I drank so much that I don’t really remember much of what happened that night,” Will begins.

Will & RJ get serious.
Will & RJ get serious. (Photo: YouTube)

“According to everyone that was there, someone decided as a joke, to put me in a headlock.”

“This triggered my PTSD, and as a result, I started to get physical with people.”

“R.J. stepped in to try to get me to calm down, but my brain was not in any place where it could hear reason.”

They then reveal a “fight” happened, “There was an altercation that took place.”

“R.J. was injured and I was injured. And as a result, the cops were called,” Will explains.

Will & R.J. Say It Was A “Wrongful Arrest” and That They Are Totally Cleared

The duo claim that cops made an “incorrect assumption” in deciding to arrest R.J.

Will says he was distraught “knowing that it wasn’t R.J.’s fault”.

“R.J. spent the night in jail, and after we bailed him out, he went to go to stay with a friend for a few days,” Will explains.

Will and RJ kissing.
Will and RJ kissing. (Photo: Instagram)

“I also had my day in court,” R.J. interjects. “Which thankfully went really well.”

“They had me undergo group therapy sessions and professional evaluations. I have since been cleared.”

R.J. says, “It was a wrongful arrest.”

They Were Considering Breaking Up, But Didn’t

“None of us were sure if we were going to stay together.”

Will and RJ are still getting married.
Will and RJ are still getting married. (Photo: Instagram)

“R.J. decided to come back, and we worked on repairing our broken relationship.”

Will & R.J. Still Plan on Getting Married

Will reveals that some positives did come out of the situation. “That incident was why I stopped drinking, and why I took my PTSD more seriously. I learned the hard way that alcohol and serial PTSD is a very dangerous mix…it almost cost me everything.”

The couple now say “they haven’t been better”, and still plan on getting married.

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