Willam Belli Accuses Shane Dawson of Copying Beatdown

Did Shane Dawson copy Willam Belli's Beatdown? (Photo: YouTube)

Shane Dawson recently launched a brand new series on his main channel, ShaneDawsonTV, called “Viral Infection”.

Shane, dressed as Shanaynay, reviews and mocks a series of YouTube videos in typical “viral video review” style.

Fans immediately recognized that Shane took “inspiration” from the style of Willam Belli, who also hosts a similar show on his channel, called “Beatdown” – a show Shane has also admitted loving.

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Willam Notices the Similarities

Willam posted a comment on Shane’s video, telling him that the video gives him “Gayja Vu”.

Willam Belli comments on YouTube.

Willam also tweeted that the video was giving him “Gayja Vu”, hashtags his series #Beatdown, and tells Shane to get a ringlight.

Willam accuses Shane.

Shane tries to diffuse the situation, with a friendly, complimentary tweet topped off with a heart emoji. “I’ll never look as good as you, even with all the ring lights.”

Shane tries calming Willam down.

Willam & Shane Make Up

It seemed to have worked, as Willam replies that he’d like to be in Shane’s podcast in December.

Willam Belli on the podcast.

Shane is excited by the prospect.

Willam knows Jess Buttafuoco.

Jessie Buttafuoco, who is a friend of girlfriend Lisa Schwartz and current “Shane and Friends” podcast co-host – was understandably excited.

Jessie says Yes Please!

Jessie Buttafuoco wants lacefront.

Then, for some reason, Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese inserts himself into the conversation.

Daniel Franzese wants in.

Looks like it’s happening!

Willam, Jessie and Daniel.

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