Yousef Erakat Explains How 2 Fans Robbed Him of $1350

Yousef Erakat made a mistake. (Photo: YouTube)

FouseyTUBE finally revealed how a pair of thieving fans managed to “rob” him.

Instead of being “robbed” the old-fashioned way, Yousef was robbed via Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks.

“I’ll tell you guys what happened to me,” he said.

Yousef Erakat's dog.
Yousef with a dog. (Photo: Instagram)

Yousef Reveals How He Got “Robbed”

“I always show you guys my Starbucks card. Because I was trying to become a Gold member on my phone. So in the vlog that I became a Gold member, I vlogged it.”

“Apparently, the number of my Gold card showed in the vlog. I didn’t think much of it when I was editing. Because, nah. My bruh bruhs would not do that to me. Whatever, whatever.”

Starbucks app.
Yousef didn’t bother editing out certain scenes. (Photo: YouTube)

“Next thing you know, I have an automatic refill on my account. So, if the money goes to zero when I go and swipe my card, it refills automatically to $75.”

“So one day I wake up, I have so many notifications from Starbucks. Like, free drink! Free drink! Free drink! To get a free drink, you have to purchase 12 drinks. I was like, what the hell is going on?”

“So a bruh bruh – two of them, really. One of them went and spent $350 on my card to get drinks for him, his family, whoever.”

Yousef explains. (Photo: YouTube)

“Another bruh bruh got $1,000 dollars worth of gift cards.”

“So, I sat there, like, what the hell!”

Yousef Feels Charitable

He said he did not mind very much. “I could have went out, called Starbucks, did this. Did that. But I was like, whoever has to go out of their way to steal my number from watching a vlog – and go there and get $1,000 worth of gift cards…”

“That person must have needed it! So, God bless. Have fun with that $1,000. But d***!”

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