22 YouTubers Hilariously Read out Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel gathered up some YouTubers to read mean tweets. (Photo: Getty / Instagram)

Jimmy Kimmel took to VidCon for the YouTuber edition of his infamous Mean Tweets series.

However, if you spend time in the YouTube comments section – these are practically compliments!

Your Faves Read out Mean Tweets About Them

Take a look at the video!

Markiplier was told that he was the “worst thing about humanity”, which he found hilarious.


Lilly Singh was told that her videos were “worst”. “Your English was worster!” Superwoman clapped back.


Ian and Anthony of Smosh read a comment criticizing their channel for being “the worst one on YouTube”. The user said that they weren’t funny at all! The pair took it in stride.


Matthew Patrick was called an “annoying, egotistical a******”. Ouch.


Kingsley hilariously fired back at somebody who told him to “shut up” because they were doing homework. “If you’re doing homework, why the fuck are you on Twitter?”


Jesse and Jeana already did a similar video, so editors just used an old clip from before they broke up. Jesse’s hair was trashed by the hater, but Jeana agreed! “Your hair does look like s***,” she said.


Tyler Oakley was mocked for giving his input on various events and situations. “Fuck outta here, hoe!”


Lohanthony was told that “his mother sucks c**** in hell”. His mom was there, too.


Grace Helbig got reminded of her cancelled TV show. Hopefully, this was filmed a while ago!


The video also featured the likes of Mamrie Hart, Jus Reign, Hank and John Green, Rhett and Link, Rooster Teeth, Jenn McAllister, GameGrumps, HarleyPlays and Vsauce!

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