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Hannah Hart Confirms She’s Dating Ingrid Nilsen: “I Couldn’t Be Happier”

Confirmed: Ingrid Nilsen and Hannah Hart. (Photo: YouTube)

Hangrid is real. Hannah Hart officially confirmed that she’s dating Ingrid Nilsen in the October 2015 issue of DIVA Magazine.

Although the pair were heavily rumored to be dating ever since Ingrid’s tearful coming-out video – it was never officially confirmed until now.

Hannah, who was also the magazine’s cover star, spoke out about Ingrid, coming out, maintaining fame, her fans and family – and of course, My Drunk Kitchen.

Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen looking excited.

Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen looking excited. (Photo: Instagram)

You can get a copy of DIVA Magazine’s latest issue right here.

Hannah Hart Confirms That Ingrid Nilsen Is Her Girlfriend

When asked about her girlfriend in the interview, Hannah said, “Her name is Ingrid.”

DIVA Magazine scan (Hannah & Ingrid)

Excerpt from DIVA Magazine. (Photo: DIVA)

“We have actually been friends for a couple of years,” Hannah continued. She mentioned that circumstances simply “decided to align”.

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Ingrid Nilsen and Hannah Hart in the kitchen.

Ingrid Nilsen and Hannah Hart in the kitchen. (Photo: Instagram)

Hannah also praised Ingrid for being “brilliant” and “soulful”. “It’s so good.”

Hannah's girlfriend Ingrid.

Hannah and Ingrid in black-and-white. (Photo: Instagram)

They also share one big thing in common – they both kind of “hate” Los Angeles. “At least there’s somebody else that gets it.”

Hannah and Ingrid look at a "closed" sign.

Hannah and Ingrid look at a “closed” sign. (Photo: Instagram)

Hannah also praised Ingrid for being a “great fit” for the “real Hannah”. “It was easy.”

Ingrid and Hannah drinking and eating.

Ingrid and Hannah drinking and eating. (Photo: Instagram)

Hannah explained that there were also some benefits to dating a fellow YouTuber – as they “get what you do” and understand the YouTube world.

“To have a peer who is also my partner… Oh my god, I couldn’t be happier!”

Read more about how YouTubers reacted to Ingrid’s coming-out here.

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