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Watch Madison Beer & Jack Gilinsky Make out in Her New Music Video

Madison Beer and the Jacks debuted their new music video. (Photo: YouTube)

Madison Beer quietly dropped the video for her new single All For Love, featuring Jack & Jack, at midnight.

Update: It was released early by mistake. We added GIFs instead.

The video features plenty of longing glances and making-out between Madison Beer, 16, and real-life boyfriend Jack Gilinsky, 19.

Madison Beer has previously spoken out about their controversial age difference, and proclaimed, “Love is love.”

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Madison Beer Is Joined by Jack Gilinsky & Jack Johnson in Her New Music Video

In the video, Madison Beer brandishes a red bandana as she starts a race between Jack & Jack.

Race Girl: Madison Beer.

Race Girl: Madison Beer starts the race. (Photo: YouTube)

Madison’s real-life love interest Jack Gilinsky plays the same role in the video.

Madison Beer kisses Jack Gilinsky next to his car.

Madison Beer kisses Jack Gilinsky next to his car.

They exchange longing glances and make out.

Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky kiss on his car.

Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky kiss on his car.

They pose.

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Jack and Madison in the All For Love music video.

Jack and Madison in the All For Love music video.

They twirl.

Jack and Madison twirling.

Jack and Madison twirling.

Poor Jack Johnson appears to have been third-wheeled as he enters during the rap break – deftly rhyming about Styrofoam and rhinestones.

Jack Johnson.

Third wheel? Jack Johnson rapped as Jadison canoodled. (Photo: YouTube)

Fans React to the Video

Some fans immediately jumped on their age gap. “Babysitter goals! Shouldn’t Madison’s video be banned? She is sixteen and he’s nineteen!”


Many mentioned Jack Johnson’s unfortunate role as the third wheel.


Some fans were angry. “You literally made this video to show off you are with Jack!”


One commenter praised Maggie Lindemann.


Some noticed Jack Gilinsky’s lack of singing.


Many called them “goals”.


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