Madison Beer Stuns in Her Vogue Italia Cover, Talks Bieber & Jack

Madison Beer for Vogue Italy. (Photo: Vogue)

Madison Beer was photographed by Swiss filmmaker and fashion portrait photographer Michel Comte for a Vogue Italia fashion story – she even got a mini cover of her own!

Accompanied by her father and agent, Madison was interviewed by Roberto Croci. Here are some of the highlights, translated from Italian.

Madison praised Italy and its culture, “I love Italy and its cuisine! Meatballs! Mozzarella!”

Madison Beer crouches down.

Madison Beer crouches down. (Photo: Vogue)

Madison Beer's magazine cover.

The Madison Beer cover. (Photo: Vogue)

She described a trip to Capri with her grandmother. “I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

“I went swimming at the Blue Grotto, and even got a shoemaker to make me a pair of shoes in less than one hour!”

Madison Beer in white.

Madison Beer in white. (Photo: Vogue)

A portrait of Madison Beer.

A portrait of Madison Beer. (Photo: Vogue)

She described her “normal life”. “I am in the last year of high school. Every day, I have singing lessons. In the afternoon I go out with friends, or go shopping with my stylist.”

She talked about her experience going front-row at Fashion Week. “I was invited for the first time to go to fashion shows at New York Fashion Week. I had fun! Fashion excites me, almost as much as music.”

Madison Beer's new look.

Madison Beer’s new look. (Photo: Vogue)

Madison Beer.

Madison Beer lets her hair down. (Photo: Vogue)

“Every evening at 9, I go to the studio to record. I feel much happier when I work and create something new.”

“My boyfriend Jack is one of my sources of inspiration… The emotions I feel are very strong.”

Madison Beer in black and white.

Madison Beer in black and white. (Photo: Vogue)

“The first time I met Justin [Bieber], I was at a Pencils of Promise gala – a foundation of Scooter’s brother that raises money to build schools and facilities to educate children who have no economic means to study. We became friends and have many things in common, like a love of music. I am very lucky to have someone like Justin for support. His advice is very valuable.”

“Music is my life’s passion, and a great source of comfort. When my parents divorced, it helped me overcome my frustrations. When I’m sad, I listen to a song. Music makes me discover emotions I never knew existed. It inspires my creativity.”

Madison Beer in black.

Madison Beer in black. (Photo: Vogue)

She talked about charity. “I think every artist has to offer to help. Today, with social media, you can really make a difference. Helping others is something my grandmother instilled in me!”

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