Madison & Jack Get VERY Steamy at the Beach

Madison and Jack showed off by the beach. (Photo: Getty)

Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky recently continued their romantic getaway in Miami, Florida.

The paparazzi “caught” them getting hot and heavy by the pool, the ocean, and the beach.

Their photos even made headlines in sites like the Daily Mail.

Madison Beer hugs Jack.

Madison Beer clings onto Jack Gilinsky. (Photo: Getty)

Jack and Madison posed in a variety of romantic situations. The pair made their way into the water, where they lovingly made out.

Madison in love with Jack.

Madison gives Jack a very wet hug. (Photo: Getty)

The couple, who were there for a few days, had multiple swimsuit changes.

Madison Beer's boobs.

Madison showed off various swimsuits. (Photo: Getty)

One time, they were spotted by fans, and were swarmed for selfies.

Madison and Jack in love.

Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky are in love. (Photo: Getty)

The pair posted lovely photos of themselves canoodling on Instagram.

Madison kisses Jack.

Madison gives Jack a romantic kiss. (Photo: Instagram)

In one series of photos, Madison and Jack were seen lazing by a pool as Madison checked her phone.

Madison Beer's phone.

Bored Madison Beer plays with her phone. (Photo: Getty)

Madison and Jack kept glancing over at the photographers, as they continued to take photos.

Madison and Jack.

Madison and Jack take a took at the cameras. (Photo: Getty)

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