Sam Wilkinson & Anastasia Karanikolaou Share a HOT Kiss on Snapchat

Did someone confirm Sam Wilkinson and Stassie's relationship? (Photo: Instagram)

Sammy Wilk and Stassie are definitely super cute together, and got very close last week.

Fans have been wondering if Sam and Stassie are in a secret relationship, because they certainly haven’t tried hiding it!

Back in April, even Kylie Jenner went on Snapchat to post Stassie and Sammy on top of each other in their swimsuits. Cute!

Kylie Jenner and Stassie.

Kylie Jenner kind of exposed Sam and Stassie. (Photo: Instagram)

Stassie’s Dad Posts This Adorable Photo of the Pair

Anastasia celebrated her birthday last week, and spent a lot of it with Sammy Wilk. Her dad went on Instagram to post this adorable photo of the pair together.

Stassiebaby and Sammy Wilk.

Stassiebaby gives Sammy Wilk a big hug. (Photo: Instagram)

“Cute!” her dad captioned, along with love emojis. “Happy birthday baby.”

Stassie Kisses Sammy to Thank Him for a Great Birthday

Stassie was also spotted thanking Sammy with a kiss on Snapchat (stassiebabeyy). “Thank you for making my birthday special,” she wrote – and added a heart emoji.

Stassie kisses Sammy Wilk.

Stassie gives Sammy a big kiss as a thank you. (Photo: Snapchat)

The pair are definitely all lovey-dovey, but neither has confirmed anything.

Sammy Wilk and Stassie.

Sam and Anastasia looking super cute together on Snapchat. (Photo: Snapchat)

Here’s a sneaky photo Sammy posted on Instagram with him caressing her leg. He didn’t tag her, though.

Sam Wilkinson.

Sam Wilkinson plays with Stassie’s leg. (Photo: Instagram)

We definitely ship it!

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